Candy Sushi

  • Date March 07, 2013
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Want to be the hit of a party? Try bringing candy sushi! Click on the picture to zoom in to see each piece up close. Not only does it look good, it actually tastes great as well! I was heading to a murder mystery party and the theme was "white trash". We were all asked to bring white trash food with us as well. Knowing that there would be an abundance of spam, KFC and cheese wiz, I really wanted to bring something that wasn't going to destroy my poor gut. I ended up finding a recipe for "hamburger sushi" - don't worry, I plan on posting this one later, but i want to redo as it had room for improvement. My friend Liz came over and we thought, why not try a candy sushi as well? Who would have known that we would have spent the rest of the day searching for green fruit roll ups for the fake inari rolls. 

Here is how we made the sushi:

For the rolls:
We made traditional rice crispy squares but rolled it out on top of a fruit roll up. We then put a candy fish in the middle and rolled like traditional sushi would be rolled. We then let them cool and cut them up like sushi. 

For the inari:
We did a number of combinations here. Some of the candy fish were put on leftover rice crispy squares and then we cut up strips of fruit roll up to encase the fish. The others were put on top of angel food cake and then also encased with strips of fruit roll ups to hold together. The round inari is the same, angel food cake, encased with a fruit roll up and covered with small peach candy balls. 


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

Danielle Harriott said...

This is some high-class white trash!

Brandi Wilson said...