Date Night at a Steak House

  • Date March 25, 2013
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Going to Steak House when you don't eat Steak! 

Went to the Keg last night for dinner.  Good news is that I didn't have cook dinner.  The bad news, I don't like steak. My younger days remembers the salad bar and wishes that would be reintroduced. My teenage days remembers the sizzling chicken fajitas that were perfect for sharing. With both of those items missing from the menu, this was going to prove to be quite a challenge for me. I was up for the challenge though. Having done a wonderful walk at the lakes in the morning, a quick 8km run and a husband who agreed that we could walk to dinner since the weather is so great, I was ready to head out for our Sunday night date night.

Again, not my first choice, but $50 in gift certificates was the driving choice behind choosing the Keg. Of course we would go to the location in Saanich as we love it there and the building is really a hidden gem in Saanich. A quick 45 minute walk through the great trails in Saanich and we were there!

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Keg Steakhouse & Bar on Foodio54

Occasion: Sunday night = date night = extend weekend as long as possible
Time of Day: 6pm (it is Sunday after all) 
Good Intentions Score: 7/10
Getting excited for food! 

I knew right away that I was going to have to do some proactive research before we go to the restaurant given that I don't like steak and we were heading to a steak house. The first pleasing discovery I found was that the keg shares their nutritional information online for the whole menu. This made menu planning even easier.

When planning what I am going to eat, I have to plan what is a must in order to best determine what I will want. The first was that I was definitely going to be having some red wine. The second was that I cannot nor do I want to avoid the bread basket that they serve at the Keg. Its warm, its delicious and it goes with the wine. The third was that I love the shrimp cocktail and at 90 calories for half the order, you can't beat that when competing against the other not as healthy appetizer options. Therefore, my research came up with three viable options that I could choose from:

Option A (500 calories): Mixed green salad, side of chicken, 1/2 order of the starter shrimp cocktail, 1/4 of the bread basket.

Option B (580 calories): Spinach salad with goat cheese (no dressing), add on chicken to salad, 1/2 order of the starter shrimp cocktail and 1/4 of the bread basket.

Option C (650 calories): Teriyaki chicken with pineapple salsa, side of veggies, no dipping sauce, 1/2 order of the shrimp cocktail and 1/4 of the bread basket.

The winner? 

Option B! Always choose Option C might have worked in University but in this case, I decided a spinach salad was what my belly wanted to eat (given that all my options involved chicken), it really came down to the salad or veggies. I was very impressed with the spinach salad. The salad was full of cheese and cranberries and the chicken (for a side order) was HUGE. I am used to ordering chicken for my salad and getting two tiny strips.

Pre-planning in this case really paid off. I can be tempted to order an dessert, especially after having some red wine, but having seen this nutritional breakdown prior to dinner, it made my decision a lot easier. In the future, don't look up desserts if you want to order one, just order it, eat it and forget about it!

Overall, a successful night. Sunday night date is a must. I will be going back to the Keg in the future when Brett is craving steak.

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