Food Confessional - #2

  • Date March 20, 2013
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Hot Dogs, Raw Burgers, Pizza, Chicken & Ribs, Chinese Food, Eggy Pizza & Marshmallow Carrot Cookies

Well that wasn't hard. Immediately after publishing the food confessional page, I had a ton of emails, facebook messages and even one tweet. Turns out people are way more into taking pictures of their unhealthy meals than they are of their salads or soups. I didn't expect to be posting another food confessional so quickly. I thought it would be monthly, but as long as they come in this fast then I guess my healthy blog will have to share some space with some foodie confessionals. 

So lets get started. The first one is not anonymous  I spent a good 3 hours looking for this picture. When we traveled to Europe to get married, we had a stopover in Brussels. We got there on the Easter holiday and nothing was open. Nothing! We found a place and we were starving. We all ordered burgers and fries and when mine arrived, I almost threw up. My husband still laughs to this day as I had to eat it I was so hungry. Served with a Ferraro Rocher did help as well!

When we started this food confessional concept, I believed that hot dogs would show up under lazy parent meals. It turns out, its the parents that are enjoying the hot dogs  This consumer really took some effort to make some delicious looking hot dogs. 

Location: Victoria, BC

Now this is one giant burger. How does someone even fit that in their mouth? What is the side sauce for? Does this burger really need anymore sauce? 

Location: Dubai

This consumer frequents this lunch choice quite often. When his wife asks him what he has for lunch, he says he had diet food. He justifies it because he ordered his pop "diet". 

Location: A typical pizza joint. 

Ribs, fries and mac and cheese. And this platter was ordered for a group of 4 very hungry men. As you can see from the after picture, these brutes couldn't even get through the meal. 

Location: Pig BBQ is my guess? 

I'm going to make a pizza. And then I might cook an egg on top? This combo doesn't do it for me, I wonder if it tasted alright? 

Location: Toronto

Now were getting better. This one is real goodie. Sweet & sour pork with pineapple,beef & broccoli, fried rice and chicken balls....with sweet & sour sauce. With that much MSG I wonder how long it took this consumer to be hungry again after? 

Location: Chinese takeout in Victoria

We can't have a food confessional without a confession of a parent in the group. This parent made some carrot cookies. Sounds good right? In an attempt to get the kids to eat the cookies, the parent melted marshmallows on top? Are the kids these days not eating cookies? Do we really need to melt more sugar on top just to get them to eat cookies? Good one! 

Location: Victoria

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