Food Confessional - Take 1

  • Date March 18, 2013
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Poutine, Cheese, Hot Dogs, Texas BBQ, Fried Pork & Hamburger Sushi

Slight change to format here. Decided to convert the food confessional page to an actual post and then the "page" itself will just provide the links. Otherwise as I add food confessionals you wouldnt get notified and possibly miss a crucial posting!.

First up, is a fish and chip order, except this consumer decided that deep fried fish wasn't enough to satisfy him and therefore he upgraded the fries to a full poutine with an egg and crab.

This was such an aggressive order that apparently both the waiter and the food server commented about the order. I even think there was a "good job buddy" and a pat on the back. When you are impressing people in the food industry who deliver food daily, you deserve to be first up in the page.

Location: Vancouver, Coast Restaurant


This one is a post turkey dinner leftover meal. Here is what is included on this plate: Toast, stuffing, turkey, cheese, green onions and gravy. No effort made on this homemade creation to try to make it look nice. Just a big mess of meat and cheese and bread.

Location: Can't hide the fact that's my dinnerware. How embarrassing.

Next, keeping in the theme of fries, this consumer decided to
order a pulled duck poutine (is that an egg I see in there?) and substituted in yam fries,
trying to make it healthy I guess?

Location: Somewhere in Toronto

Order fail? This person ordered Huevos rancheros , which according to Wikipedia is supposed to be "a popular breakfast dish consisting of eggs served in the style of the traditional large mid-morning fare on rural Mexican farms. The basic dish consists of fried eggs served upon lightly fried corn tortillas topped with a tomato-chili sauce. Refried beans, Mexican-style rice, slices of avocado, or guacamole are common accompaniments."
I'm sorry, but this looks like a GIANT egg mess smothered in cheese sauce. Not real cheese, just heated cheese wiz of some sort. Wow.

Location: Las Vegas

Here is our first "parent confessional". I love this one because this parent took the "If I can eat it, you can too approach". I also love this one because the parent decided that with some careful plating techniques it could be made to look like something more than it is actually is. What we have here folks is a lazy lazy parent meal. Pierogi and hot dogs. My gut tells me that there might be a few more hot dog photos introduced here. Seems to be a go to parent meal.

Location: 5pm somewhere in Victoria

This one really makes me laugh. Take some time to really look at this picture. What is in the background of this picture? Three cell phones and some extra sausage? Here is what is on this consumers plate. Brisket, jal sausage link, turkey, beans, peach cobbler and unsweetened tea. I love that its served on a paper place mat.

Location: West Texas BBQ in Midland TX

This food confessional makes me laugh as the parent felt this was a "white trash kid meal". What made me laugh is I thought it looked really good and would consider this a totally appropriate meal to serve a kid. I guess this is why this page will be entertaining as we will get to see how everyone has different opinions on what is a "food confessional". So what are we looking at here? Cucumber, tomato and chicken salad in a pita.

Location: Somewhere in Toronto

Hamburger sushi? This one isn't really anonymous as I have mentioned before that I made hamburger sushi once for a white trash party. I do think it deserves a spot on this page though. What is it? I made hamburgers in the shape of long rolls and then rolled them with rice, pickles, cucumber and then served with mustard and ketchup. Funny part was they were devoured by the men at the party, even one guy who hates sushi. You just never know.

Location: White Trash Party in Victoria

Last up for this round of food confessionals is thin fried pork. This parent was attempting to get the pork to resemble chicken strips as best as she could. The kids ended up eating the pork disguised as chicken and the parent did admit to serving it with carrot sticks.

Location: Victoria

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