Huevos Rancheros

  • Date March 23, 2013
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Low Calorie? You can eat with your hands? Only takes 10 minutes? Theres no WAY that is possible!

Friday mornings are my day off from running. Of course I can't sleep in like a normal person, so it gave me more time to trial a new breakfast idea. This morning I was craving eggs and while the eggs were cooking, I also started to crave my newest favorite salsa - Newmans Black Bean. At 20 calories for 2 tbls, this salsa is delicious. I had a long day at work ahead of me and I didn't want to go to work after a giant eggy, cheesy, meaty, bread filled meal. Really wanting to use eggs, salsa and the fresh green onions I was growing in a champagne glass (stay tuned for this post), I added in a few more ingredients and was quite impressed with what I managed to make at 6:30am in the morning. Added up the calories while I was inhaling this meal and discovered it was less than 200 calories.  What a way to start my day!

Of course, this meal is easily converted to a husband friendly meal. Replace the pop crisps or rice cakes with an english muffin or bread. Add cheese to the top and throw on some sour cream. Don't forget avocado!  


Pop Crisps or Rice Cakes
2 soft boiled eggs
2 tbls Newmans Black Bean Salsa
Green Onions
Hot sauce, to taste


Soft boil eggs. My preferred method (as I know there are many styles to egg boiling out there), is to boil the water, place eggs in boiling water and leave boiling. I cook for 6-7 minutes and then run the eggs under cold water and then peel them. If your lucky, you can convince your husband to peel the eggs.

The rest really doesn't need explaining. Put it all together and enjoy! Since I use the pop crisps, you don't even need a knife and fork, just eat like a pizza.

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