Mango Prawn Rice Rolls

  • Date March 25, 2013
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Rice Paper Rolls with Dipping Sauce

Spring is in the air in Victoria! Even better is when I went down to Chinatown today to get some vegetables, mango's were ripe. I love mango's but find its a rare occurrence to get them in season and not too expensive. With a lovely price of two for $3 AND they didn't need six weeks to ripen, I was sold! Immediately I started to think of what I could cook with mango's. As it was a weekend and I had more time for cooking, I decided I would take my first ever attempt at rice wraps. Love it or hate, but I am not going to try my recipes twenty times until I get it perfect and then sell you on how easy and great they look. Nope, you get the experience the joys and pains of my new attempts and new recipes right with me. 

I also got very excited in Chinatown as they had this very large jumbo carrot that the clerk told me was sweet. I felt this was going to be an excellent paring with the prawns and mango and basil. Unfortunately, avocados were on sale (which of course I bought a bag of), but they weren't ripe yet. Next time, I am adding avocado. 

This first attempt made 8 rice wraps, 100 calories per wrap (not including dipping sauce)


  • 20 large prawns
  • Rice paper (8)
  • 2 cups Bean sprouts
  • 1 large Mango
  • 1/2 large Red Pepper
  • 1-2 carrots
  • Basil
  • Cilantro

Dipping Sauce Options:

Lots of options here. 
I went for a bit of sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, lime and hot water. 
My husband did a peanut butter, hoisin, soy sauce and cilantro. 
Another sauce I wanted to try and will make next time was garlic, tamari, soy sauce, agave nectar and peanut butter or PB2. 

Other Fillings: 

There are also lots of other fillers I would like to try next time, including:
  • vermicelli noodles
  • avocado
  • chicken
  • tofu
  • cucumber
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • yams
  • shoestring beets


You will need to decide what ingredients you want in your wraps. Don't choose too many, even though its tempting. And be careful about anything that may have sharp edges (lettuce) as it will rip the rice paper. 

Choose your meat - shrimp, pulled chicken, pulled pork, tofu and cook it up. A little seasoning salt is all that is needed as you don't want to overshadow the other flavors in the wrap. Cook first so it has time to cool before you put in the wrap. 

Slice your ingredients into strips. I peeled my carrot so it would be too hard to bite into. The colors on this plate were making me very hungry!

The hard part! Good thing rice paper is cheap as you need to be prepared that not all of them are going to work. I put hot water from my tap in a bowl that could hold the rice paper and then had a clean dishtowel next to the bowl. I placed the rice paper in the bowl (one at a time) and held it down for 6-7 seconds. It almost felt that it was still too hard when I took it out, but it cooks after you remove it. I then placed the rice paper on the towel to dry it. Moved it over to the counter and loaded up with ingredients.

Wrap it up like a burrito and and place on a plate. As I mentioned at the start, this was my FIRST attempt, so they are not looking very good at the start. I was getting better at the end. And will need to keep practicing as they fell apart when we ate them, so somehow I need to get them tighter.

I cut them half and covered them and put in the fridge for dinner. When we were ready to eat, we each made our own dipping sauce and sat down to watch the Leafs play while we devoured this meal. Overall, it was a success. Mango was delicious. Fresh basil was a hit. A little messy as I am a rookie, and I didn't make enough so it was more like an appetizer than dinner, but it is a repeat meal for sure. I am no longer scared by rice paper. Recipe ideas are swarming my thoughts.

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Looks good. I will have to get Kath to try and make it.