Miso Encrusted Salmon

  • Date March 16, 2013
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Miso Encrusted Salmon with Baked Bok Choy & Sauteed Green Beans & Broccoli

Friday night. Your tired. You don't get home till 8pm. There are so many easier things to do than cook dinner. Your husband is throwing out comments like "lets go to the pub", "lets pick up sushi", "lets order in". But you took out salmon that morning from the freezer and you don't want it to go to waste. You can do it. Put your energy together and you can create a quick meal in under 15 minutes that you won't regret once you've made it. Teamwork was the key last night. Brett tackled the salmon and I tackled the vegetables. This is an end of the week meal. You use what you have in your fridge, its not going to be perfect, it might not even turn out, but I promised some of my loyal readers that I would post about meals if even if they aren't "perfect". So here we go. 

We decided to try something new, by putting the bok choy in the oven. We don't like how it goes soggy when we stir fry it. We placed on parchment paper and used some salt and put in for 10 minutes. It was delicious and we will be doing this for our bok choy from now on. I think if we had cooked it longer it would have gone crispier, but time was not our friend last night. 

Brett took the salmon and made a "miso glaze". Don't be fooled by the name. Try this trick, purchase miso soup packages and just use the miso paste that comes in the package. Add in some soy sauce, maple syrup and sesame seeds and you have your glaze. We pan fried (as again it was approaching 8:30 at this point and I was PAST a bad food mood at this point). 

Throw in vegetables you have in the fridge and saute on high. No trick here. I added some peanut oil for flavor and then threw in the oven to keep warm while we waited for the salmon to finish.  Plate your meal, quickly take a picture for the blog and enjoy. 

Meal was under 400 calories and I ate the whole plate. Husband friendly version was that we made rice that he added to his plate. 

Now for the honesty. I loved my piece of salmon but Brett hated his. It had been in the freezer probably longer than it should have been. The vegetables were good, but nothing to jazzy about them. It was just a simple, throw together meal. However, much better than ordering something greasy at a pub. Optimistic me also learnt that bok choy in the oven is great so I call it an overall success. 

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