Pop Crisps

  • Date March 16, 2013
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 Thrifty Foods Pop Crisps (Corn & Wheat) 

As a dedicated Thrifty Foods grocery shopper, I have become addicted to the corn pop crisps that they make in their bakery. At 20 calories per crisp, they are basically the best thing for getting food to my mouth without a fork or spoon.  When I found these crisps I thought I had entered heaven.  Thanks to Thrifty Foods I am able to enjoy all of my favorite foods without requiring crackers or bread. I get asked in the checkout line every time I am buying them by either other customers or the cashier what I do with them, so here we go! 

The trick is to get them from the store to your cupboard without them breaking as they are quite delicate. But don't worry, there are uses for the ones that break (see below). 

First up, is my favorite snack after a long run (or lets be honest, every morning). Two pop crisps, 2 tablespoons of PB2 and one banana. 190 calories for this delicious snack. 

Next, my favorite afternoon snack (usually after yoga or right before boot camp). This is the healthier version to the Elizabeth Taylor Sandwich. Two pop crisps, 2 tablespoons of PB2 and one half of an avocado. Don't forget the special ingredient, dash of salt or a dash of hot sauce. Around 200-250 calories for this snack, depending on the size of your avocado. 

Some other uses of these corn crisp, in no particular order:

  • Add to soup or serve with chili
  • Serve broken up pieces for dips instead of crackers
  • Soft boiled egg with hot sauce
  • Cream Cheese with cucumbers
  • Melted cheese with pickles

Did I miss any? Comment on this post if you have found other great uses for these pop crisps! 


Anonymous said...

A bed for tuna or egg salad.

Kc Payne said...

Can you find these in the grocery store? And if so, what section would they be in?

Emily Rankin said...


For lots of recipes!

OR my personal fav

greek yogurt, sugarless blueberry jam, blueberries. Yummy!!!!