• Date March 07, 2013
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Powdered Peanut Butter

The first post only made sense to start off with a new product that I discovered in an attempt to find peanut butter that I could eat every day in large quantities. Anyone out there addicted to peanut butter will understand this desire. 

I came across PB2, a powdered peanut butter sold by Bell Plantation. It has 45 calories for two tablespoons compared to 190 for regular peanut butter. I also find it less sweet than even "natural peanut butter". Check out the nutritional comparison

The options for use are endless. Here are just some of the things I do with my PB2: 
  • Shakes! add to any protein or health shake
  • spread on rice cakes, toast, crackers with bananas
  • spread on rice cake, toast, crackers with avocado and salt (seriously this is delicious)
  • sprinkle on chicken, turkey or beef when pan frying for a good peanut sauce
  • mix with plain yogurt and eat or freeze into popsicle sticks for peanut butter yogurt
  • instead of water, mix with jam for a quick peanut butter and jam sandwich
  • make the pb2 runny and add in hoisin, soy sauce and cilantro for a salad dressing or stir fry sauce
  • sprinkle on plain cereal and add milk
  • use for anything you may bake that requires peanut butter. If you read the about me page of this blog you will know I have not tried this as I don't bake!

How do you do it? Simple. Mix with water. The amount of water you add will depend on whether you want it runny for a dressing or thick for toast. I have also mixed half and half with real peanut butter for a more authentic taste. 

I store mine in the fridge with a tablespoon scoop left right in the container. Remember, I am eating this every day, sometimes twice a day. 

Put one or two tablespoons in a small mixing bowl
Add water, usually half as much as the powder, but that depends on the consistency you want. 
Mix it up with a spoon
And enjoy!
My new dream product, delicious!


Anonymous said...

Cinnamon sprinkled on top is delicious with toast

Anonymous said...

I've bought some PB2. One thing I've learned is to NOT mix up more than you can eat at one sitting....it doesn't store well once mixed with water.