Sushi with the Girls

  • Date March 22, 2013
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First Entry on the new "Good Intentions" Page

Restaurant: Azuma Sushi,  

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Occasion: Birthday dinner with bunch of girlfriends
Time of Day: 7pm reservation, dinner time!
Good Intentions Score: 9/10

With the introduction of cauliflower rice sushi into my world of eating, going out for regular sushi is a tad disappointing now. While I still love sushi and could eat Japanese food daily,  I find the rice too heavy now and would prefer the cauliflower rice any day. And normally, I would just order my standard rolls (tuna/avocado, yam or a speciality roll), but my sister was coming out with me tonight and doesn't like sushi and this being the first post on the good intentions page, I thought why not try something new?

Of course, I have to start out by saying that I would have preferred to go to Ebizo (who gets an 89% rating on Urban Spoon). However, Ebizo is tiny and Azuma recently expanded and have some great booths for sitting with friends. Unfortunately, they are still carrying a low rating on urban spoon, but with the recent restaurant expansion - I do hope they can pick up their ratings.

As always, and I mean always, I checked out the menu before I even got the restaurant. I read urban spoon reviews, I look at pictures, if I'm going to eat out, I want to make sure I get the best option. I discussed with my sister and we decided that we would share a vegetable soba noodle soup and a kenko roll. The kenko roll doesn't have any rice or seaweed and is filled with tuna, salmon and avocado. We figured between the soup and cucumber roll we would get away with a 400 calorie dinner each.

All this talk of healthy needed to be offset by a giant bottle of Kirin. Who can go for sushi without a nice big bottle of beer?

The cucumber roll was delicious and I would order again (and definately NOT share) as there are only 6 pieces and having to watch my sister chow down on three of them was torture.

The soup was also delicious and the server was great in bring us two small bowls so we could share properly.

A chocolate served with the bill made this a great experience!

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