When Someone Turns 89 -- Eat Chinese

  • Date March 31, 2013
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Who doesn't love hanging chickens? 
My grandfather celebrated his 89th birthday this weekend. My mom wanted to take him lunch so I offered to tag along. Lunch was out of my hands and my grandpa wouldn't want my standard go to meal of salads or veggies. He loves Chinese food, which apparently a lot of elderly people do, as the restaurant was packed with them! My mom chose Ho Tong which pleased me as they have always been a good reliable restaurant. The wor wonton soup is delicious! 

I also love fish tanks. Would't ever want to clean one myself,
but enjoying others is always fun!

Ho Tong on Urbanspoon

Ho Tong Restaurant on Foodio54

Wow! Lots of food
So what was I going to eat? Having eaten a ton of easter candy only one day into the long weekend I was not interested in Chinese food. However, i was pleasantly surprised when I saw they has an egg drop soup. I have had an egg drop soup on my blog list for quite some time, so trying it out before I created my own recipe seemed perfect. My mom chose the other items and for around $40 we got:

  • Mushroom Egg Drop Soup
  • Broccoli with Black bean sauce
  • Crispy ginger fried beef
  • House special chow mein

Ginger Fried Beef
With most items on the menu between $6.95 and $9.95, you really can't beat these prices. The egg drop soup was only $5.50 so we ordered two as we weren't sure about portion size. We waited around 10 minutes as we were doing pick up and watched a steady swarm of people come in and out of the restaurant.

Got to my grandfathers house, wished him happy birthday and quickly started unpacking our food. It was hot, fresh and tons of it.  So much soup we didn't even open the second one. 

House Special Chow Mein
I did find the soup a tad bland, but that's nothing a little hot sauce and soy sauce can' fix. Also the addition of mushrooms and some peas in the soup was a nice treat. I took a sample of the other items and they were all very good. I even tasted fresh ginger and the broccoli wasn't overdone. My grandfather had 3 large servings so it must have passed his approval. 

Broccoli with Black Bean Sauce
Mushrooms and Peas in the egg drop soup! 
Where was my fortune cookie?? I hope it was an accident as take out orders deserve their fortune cookies as well. I can safely say my lucky numbers are 8's and 9's so will purchase my lotto ticket tonight with the dates of my grandfathers birthday and his new young age of 89. 

Overall, success! Sometimes sticking to whats been around for awhile is the way to go. Let the new restaurants open and close over the years and watch the really good restaurants stick around through all of the swings in the economy! Happy Birthday Grandpa and Happy Easter everyone.

Happy Birthday Spread at my Grandpas House (notice the brick wallpaper in the background!)

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