Drinking in a Church

  • Date April 15, 2013
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Rare opportunities still exist, like dining in a church

Fourth good intentions post! Turns out I have haven't been eating out as much as I normally do, making it harder to write about my good intentions at restaurants.

Headed up to Steeples Bar and Grill on Sunday night to enjoy a dinner with my brother and wife and their two kids. Brett had won a $100 gift certificate through some sort of sports pool (football? hockey?, baseball?)....Regardless, I enjoy dining with my brother and wife and their kids are so well behaved its a great way for us to spend time together. 

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Occasion: Sunday night dinner with family (brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece)
Time of Day: 5:30pm (young children involved) 
Good Intentions Score: 8.5/10

Pre-planning Efforts:

This proved to be very difficult. The menu on the web was VERY different than the iphone friendly menu and I came across an Asian Fusion Menu; however, internet researched revealed on their facebook page that the asian menu was ending soon (although it didn't say when, so perhaps I could catch the very last night of it!). Therefore, I knew I was dealing with an out of date website. Not a big deal, as changing menus are usually a good sign of fresh food. Regardless, my pre-planning would have to give me options as I wasn't sure what I was going to be able to choose from!

Given that it was the end of the weekend, I wasn't feeling like anything too heavy and of course, meat wasn't appealing to me nor was pasta. Unfortunately  my normal go to option of seafood was also not hitting home as I had gone to a huge seafood feast on Friday night where I devoured lobster tails, salmon skewers, scallops and oysters. As usual, I am left to ponder the starter menus, soups and salads. I also saw somewhere (facebook, urban spoon or their website) that they were gluten friendly, so I was curious to see if they had a separate menu as well when we go there.

Pre-planning had me interested in the following menu items:
  • Sesame encrusted seared rare tuna & wasabi with Louisiana slaw, honey-soy-sesame glaze and pinapple-mango salsa - there was a salad version and a meal version
  • Generally, all of the salads looked great and there appeared to be great add-ons to really make the salad a meal (chicken, tuna, prawns, salsa, garlic bread, havarti cheese)
  • If the asian menu was available, I was extremely interested in the shrimp wonton soup, tuna tataki and steak lettuce wraps with mango pinaepple crunch noodles. Of course, I would have to see if I could substitute chicken or tofu for the steak....

Actual Experience: 

Turns out the Asian Fusion Menu had just ended, so I won't hold that against the website for still having the menu up, in fact, they were serving up the shrimp won ton soup as the soup of the day given how recently it had ended.

The menu on the web did indeed match the menu that they handed out, so it is just the iPad friendly version that was throwing me for a curve ball.

Sunday nights is a two for one steak dinner option (if you order two appetizers), so my husband convinced my brother to go in on that deal with him. Given how interested I was in the shrimp won ton soup, I pondered getting the soup with an appie, but couldn't find an appie that I was interested in.

In the end I went for the sesame encrusted seared tuna salad (with dressing on the side).

Drinks started out with Cesar with giant prawns. I myself went for a vodka-soda. I wasn't overly impressed with wine menu, albeit, it was a temporary wine menu as we were told they were getting rid of their older stock to bring in some new choices. That's great, but I would recommend if you only offer a couple of choices as a result then give some discounts!

The appetizers that the men ordered looked very tasty, albeit deep fried. My husband loved the calamari and said it was the best thing he ate that night. He really liked how the pieces were large rather than the typical small calamari you get at other places.

The other appetizer order was oysters (which when I go online to see how they were prepared, I cannot find them on the online menu!).  My husband said they were pretty good and did comment that the sauce they were served on was delicious. The steaks were well plated with some nice fresh vegetables.

Service was great and they brought out my nephews meal with the appetizers. This was good as his GIANT plate of pasta needed to cool off before he could eat it. I always appreciate when there is a kid menu, especially one where they can color their choices in.

But enough about everyone else, lets talk about my meal! My salad had a very good sized serving of seared tuna on a bed of greens. Good thing I got the dressing on the side as I really didn't care for it - I think it was a pomegranate and fig dressing, which I didn't see how that paired with asian influence at all? But it was served with a mango salsa which I dumped on top. It was "ok", but too many onions for my taste buds  I argue that my cucumber mango salsa may be better......Overall, salad was good, I would add some asian beans or some sliced carrots to give it some other veggies than just lettuce.

My good intentions ordering gets an 8.5/10 this time around. I passed on the bread that was served at the start of the meal. I only ate one taste of the appetizer and we all passed on the dessert menu. I did slip a bit by eating some of my nephews pasta and ice cream (i.,e the reason for the 8.5 out of 10).


Autumn said...

Thanks for the great evening out. Loving your blog! Lots of great tips. Looking forward to trying those microwave chips!

Jordan Harbour said...

That Caesar with the giant prawn just made me salivate. TGIF!

Ethan Smith said...

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