Food Confessional #3

  • Date April 01, 2013
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Tribute to Beef Wellington & Some Other Random Treats

Third food confessional. This one is going to focus on the creation of beef wellington. A tradition in our household is my husband making beef wellington for family events. He has made large ones, individual ones and is always improving the recipe. Someone asked last night if I would be posting on my blog and I thought about it and suggested that it could fall under the food confessional category. Its not that it doesn't deserve a spot in the recipe index, but I think its gross and basically includes every ingredient I try to avoid all jam packed into a bundle of pastry, meat and more meat. But let's give some credit and at least put on the food confessional page. This time the recipe was inspired from Gordon Ramsey beef wellington. 

Prosciutto, mushroom mixture and large slab of beef
Wrap in pastry dough
Roll, fold, do whatever. I at this point am frantically making a salad and grateful when two other family members walk in the door with salads! 

Brush with egg yolks. 

Ok, it does look pretty tasty coming out of the oven

Ok, never mind. I'll stick to salad. 
And moving into some other treats for this third round of food confessionals: 

These treats are some sort of homemade version of a peanut butter cup. I think they look delicious! I did ask the consumer how many were eaten in one night. The answer was not clear.....Location: Ontario
This parent actually emailed me that they were trying to find healthier desserts for their kids and this is what they came up with? I'm sorry, but when did fruit become such a bad thing? Make fruit roll ups or something that is more than just a fried pita, melted peanut butter and some marshmallows? The parent argued that the kid loved it. Of COURSE they did!  Location: Road to Diabetes.

A little tribute to Easter here! This is a cheese ball. Gotta give credit where credit is deserved. Nice work! Location: Victoria

This consumer couldn't take the picture before he started eating. I guess his piece of cake was so large he had to take a break and then remembered to take the photo. I am guessing this is a traditional Dairy Queen cake. An old time favorite!
Location: I hope it was at a kids birthday party. Or do adults still enjoy a DQ cake once and awhile? 

And we shall end this posting with my new favorite. This treat includes fried chicken, mashed potatoes, bacon and oh, don't forget the white gravy. 
Location: Odessa, Texas

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