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  • Date April 12, 2013
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Vegetable Chips with No Oil and you cook with a Microwave? 

Yam Chips
Microwave chips? No oil needed and they come out crispy?  Potatoes, yams, beets, sweet potatoes, pears, apples. They all work in this simple little microwave chip maker. The top chip maker comes with a handy madalin slicer as the trick really is to get them as thin as possible.  It took awhile to figure out how long to cook the chips for as every microwave is different. You can add salt or other spices but the benefit of vegetables is that they have such a great natural flavour when made this way. 

Apple Chips
Given the size of the top chip maker, don't expect to make a ton all at once.  The hard part is that they come out of the microwave so crispy, hot and delicious that creating a reserve becomes rather challenging

I also made these with both my nephew and niece on separate occasions and its a great activity to do. No, don't worry, I didn't let a 5 year old control the mandolin slicer, but they sure did enjoy placing the vegetables on the slicer and then watching them cook and eating right off the plate!

Here are some "toppings" I have tried when cooking the chips, all were good!

  • Chives on potato chips
  • Cinnamon on apples
  • Paprika or curry on potato chips
  • Salt on sweet potato or yams
  • Salt and pepper on potato chips
  • Honey on pear (this one rocked)
  • PB2 on apple (why not right?)

I purchased the TopChip maker. I have heard you can use wax paper in the microwave and it does the same thing. 
Comes with a very hand tray (you can purchase additional trays and stack them) and a very sharp mandolin. 

The trick is to select your vegetables that will cleanly fit in the mandolin so the slices are accurate each time. 

Place your veggie slices on the tray, try not to overlap and put in microwave.These yams took 3.5 minutes in my microwave.

Apple slices. These took 4 minutes. 

Yummy! I ate with some goat cheese and walnuts and drizzled with some honey. 

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