Zucchinni Sticks

  • Date April 27, 2013
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Who doesn't remember the Zoo Sticks at Red Robins? Clucks and Greens anyone? With the boys coming over to watch Toronto win another hockey game, I thought it was a perfect time to try out some new recipes. I have been trialing various frittatas and other veggie based items with the goal of finding the perfect vegetable pizza crust. Having done cauliflower frittatas already, botched one attempt at a cauliflower pizza, I thought it was time to bring in zucchini  I am now more convinced than ever that merging my cauliflower frittatas with this recipe is going to produce an amazing pizza crust!

2 cups Zucchinni (shredded)
1/4 cup flour
1 large egg
Dried Basil
Garlic Powder

This recipe made 10 large sticks or 20 smaller sticks (cut in half once cooked). Total calories for the recipe is 250, each stick came in at 25 calories at stick. I served with some low calorie ranch dressing and three grown men devoured this in less than 5 minutes.


Grate, chop finely or food processor your zucchini.

Add in flour, salt, egg, dried basil and garlic powder and mix together.

My egg was a lovely free range egg that was very yellow, hence turning the mixture quite yellow.

Now here comes some trial and error techniques. I knew I could have used my egg ring to make perfect rings in the fry pan, but I wanted a stick shape, not round. In this attempt, I put into a small Tupperware and froze for 20 minutes.

It came out of the Tupperware pretty good, and I should have frozen longer, but the game was on and I wanted to get these cooked. The Tupperware was also way too deep and my sticks were too thick as a result. 

I cut into 10 small pieces and heated up a fry pan and sprayed with pam. As you can see, the more frozen ones on the right cut much easier than the less frozen ones in the middle. 

I cooked these on medium heat until the one side was brown. It was at this point I realized my sticks were too thick as the one side was browning, but the middle was still soft. I wanted firm sticks for dipping into the ranch dressing, so would definitely make 20 sticks next time but much flatter. 

Regardless of my issues identified above, they looked delicious  I had to brown them more than they needed or I wanted them to be given their size and my next attempt will produce a less brown zoo stick. 

I was hesitant to serve these up (even though they tasted delicious) as they didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Turns out they are husband friendly and the other friends over also enjoyed! 

This is a repeat recipe and gave me hope that I can now move on to master the veggie crust pizza!

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