Food Confessional - Road Trip

  • Date May 05, 2013
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Road Trip 2013! Napa Valley, Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico

Instead of boring photos of my trip of stuff that wouldn't make sense or have any meaning unless you were there, lets try this as a way to document the road trip! A food confessional! We took pictures of almost every meal. I argue its one of the best ways to remember a vacation as food is something we all  remember. Unfortunately due to a small camera incident, there are a few blanks in photos so you will miss some photos of traditional new mexican soup and a delicious beet salad and a giant tower of fries and some more mexican, but then again, it wouldn't be a good road trip without some black out zones. 

I will admit right off the start that most of these food confessionals, if not all, are not my food orders. Leave that up to the husbands. My food orders were pretty standard, salads with chicken or ahi tuna, followed by salads, and finished up with some salads. Nonetheless, it was still fun to try all of these treats! 

Lets get started. The trip started off with a no sleep night as my ipad screen shattered at 11pm the night before we left right as we were heading to bed. Brett had to take the ipad out of the wall and set up that ipad and transfer all of my files to the new ipad so I would have access to work, blog, facebook etc on the road. This led to a no sleep start on our way to Seattle. He was therefore, quite tired and hungry when we hit Seattle and started off the trip with a giant skillet of eggs, cheese, toast and who knows what else was in there.  
Our first night in Napa Valley. We were hungry, tired and not wanting to go out for dinner. Who says you can't feast when at a hotel? We ran out to Whole Foods and purchased a feast and sat by the pool and devoured the food. Excellent night! 
I loved Whole Foods so much, I requested we go back there to pick up another lunch. This time the boys decided that giant burritos were in order. Giant they were! 

Went out to dinner to Carpe Diem wine bar and had a wonderful meal. Flat crust pizza anyone? 
Carpe Diem Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

This was a disappointing order as it was a tad bland and not spicy enough.

However, truffle fries can always be ordered if you are still hungry. 

Tacos, Tacos, and more Tacos. They are everywhere and on every menu. 

Mac and Cheese started to become a consistent order on this trip. Not sure why? Perhaps Brett was rebelling against my anti pasta and cheese in the house and was getting his fix in for the next few years? 

After a very wonderful day of wine tasting (we went from 9am to 5pm), we knew we were in no shape to attend any restaurant other than the Mexican dive next door to our hotel. A few pitchers of margaritas later and consuming this feast, we  were off to bed for an early night.

Red Hen Cantina on Urbanspoon

We then headed to Vegas! Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and a light lunch here and there. We had other priorities in vegas other than food. On the second night, we decided to go off the "strip" and try a restaurant that got rave reviews on urban spoon. It was a huge success! 

First night in vegas we went to a pub that had a good happy hour and sat back and enjoyed the younger crowd attempt to ride the mechanical bull. Mac and Cheese was once again ordered (I was pleased to see that by husband was going to have two pieces of broccoli at this point)

This was the restaurant off the strip. It was quiet, no smoke and very relaxing. Theme was like a 60's movie throwback and we had a very comfy booth. Probably only 25 seats in the whole restaurant. 
The Barrymore on Urbanspoon
Liz and I both had the sea bass and it was to die for. 

In fact, it was so good, I think it deserves two photos. 
The size of this steak doesn't do it justice. It was giant. The sides came out on separate plates. 

And of course, guess what one of the sides was? Mac and Cheese! 

On our way from Vegas to Arizona, we found on the side of the road what was deemed
"best restaurants 2011". After dealing with a flat tire, a long night in vegas and very boring stretches of road, this was a pleasant surprise. We sat in a beautiful courtyard with peacocks and a fish pond to enjoy. 
Luchia's Restaurant & Gifts on Urbanspoon

For a side of the road restaurant, my taco salad was pretty impressive. 

A nice looking BLT and fries. 

And of course there is always one in the crowd.....I guess there was no mac and cheese, so the next best thing was turkey sandwich in gravy. 

Once we got to Arizona, we stayed at a hotel that had a 2 hour free pouring happy hour bar along with appetizers of the day. This was not just appetizers. This was a full meal spread. Chips, salsa, vegetables, wine, beer, popcorn, tacos, pizza, sliders, you name it. We pretty much had dinner there every night!

Having now been away from sushi for quite some time, we were all craving it. We had agreed not to do sushi while away from the wonderful sushi in Vancouver and Victoria, but we caved and a quick urban spoon gave us the number one sushi restaurant in Scottsdale. We were very very impressed. It was a wonderful lunch and no complaints here! I ordered a no rice cucumber roll as one of my rolls and check out the pictures below. The plating of it was amazing!

Yume Sushi Grill on Urbanspoon

I guess the sushi paired with the appie hour that night wasn't doing it for the boys, so guess who ordered mac and cheese off the kids menu from room service? They decided to be fancy and ask for jalapenos in the mac and cheese.

After touring Frank Lloyd Wrights house in the scorching sun, Liz found a FABULOUS restaurant for us to go for lunch at. I think I was more excited than anyone. Brett and Ben were just hungry and didn't care, but I was ecstatic. This menu had more items that I wanted to order than any menu I have ever seen. True Food Kitchen - Check out their menu and drool like I did! What I would give to have one of these in Victoria! Kale salads, Shiritaki noodles, Kelp Noodles, Lettuce Wraps, Spaghetti Squash casseroles. All of my favorites in one place.

True Food Kitchen on Urbanspoon

After leaving Arizona we turned the trip from Arizona to New Mexico into two parts. We planned to stay overnight in Holbrook to shorten the drive. I can't show any pictures of our lunch on the way to Holbrook as the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed so we stopped at a burger joint and grabbed some burgers and fries. Nothing to shout about. We then found a place to stop for a break and have a quick beer and I just had to take a picture of their "Salad Bar" as I couldn't stop laughing. $9 for the beers and we were out the door. After arriving in Holbrook, we found out the town was closed (nothing open), so a couple trips to the only local Safeway and we ate in our rooms after hanging out in what we called the "spa". Check out the wigwam hotel in the background. Priceless!

Our second major "road trip" consisted of driving through the petrified forest from Holbrook to New Mexico. After doing a great hike, we discovered thanks to urban spoon again a local brew pub that had some good reviews! It was great! We each did a beer sampler of their local beers and ordered some good food. There was even an outdoor volleyball court and horseshoes. This might not sound too exciting, but I think the town had a population of 350. 

I myself got veggie skewers. Check out my beer flight in the background served in cups in a muffin tin! 

The boys once again split mac and cheese. This time it was served with penne noodles? 

Burgers just always look good in photos. 

Now the sad part. My camera charger disappeared or was not ever packed in the first place (although we still can't find it at home), so Liz was taking all of the photos on this leg of the journey (Santa Fe, New Mexico). Her memory card had an error and we lost 50 or so photos. This means, that we lost some of the good mexican photos of food. But you can picture it, enchiladas, nacho chips and salsa and guacamole. Liz had an amazing stuffed pepper that I wanted to rave about.  Not to worry, we salvaged a few to complete this post.

Please have a closer look at this one. There are two taco salads and a traditional mexican plate. The farthest meal (ordered by Brett of course), was a side of fries and a giant enchilada smothered in some sort of Velveeta cheese sauce. Weird. However, it did make a good dip for the fries! :) 

A traditional green chili burger. They are on EVERY menu in New Mexico! 

El Meson Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Found a great tapa bar on the last night in new mexico. Delicious mushrooms, shrimps and mussels. 

And to finish it off, a traditional mexican charro with hot chocolate like dipping sauce!


Autumn said...

Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for sharing! I have the True Food cookbook if you want to borrow it....lots of great recipes!

Erinn Pinky said...

Yes please to the cookbook. I should probably plan on coming over and spending a good afternoon reading most of your cookbooks! and i can help you find your dehydrator at the same time :)