Tea Lattes with a Kick!

  • Date May 13, 2013
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Turn that granny cup of tea into a party! 

Is anyone else as cold as I am? I am always cold. I bring slippers to other peoples houses, I wear scarfs, I wear wool socks. Then, when I get hot, I get too hot and sweat profusely. Where is my happy medium? Regardless, it seems to me that all of the alcoholic beverages I might consume (except red wine) are freezing cold. Beer, mixed drinks. Ice ice ice. This doesn't help me when I am always cold. I drink a TON of tea. Sometimes though, you want a little kick to your nightly tea. Coffee and Baileys is not an option for me as caffeine would not work well and I tried decaf and frankly it just sucks. So there you have it. Perhaps this is not new to you and therefore, good for you - but if I can help out one other cold person there enjoy a nice hot toddy then I am happy!

 The initial investment might seem high. But stock up on tea. I will give some example drinks below and then show you how I make them. The combinations are endless. Let me know if you have any good tea lattes that I should be adding to my recipe list! 

I recently found low calorie hot chocolate, mixed with Baileys and peppermint tea. 
Or get mint chocolate baileys and just mix with the hot chocolate.

Or just use the baileys with peppermint. Its one of my absolute favorites!

In fact, Baileys with any sort of mint or chocolate tea is just divine. 

Sambuca with Licorice Spice tea. Need i say more? 

I found this eggnog tea at xmas time and was ecstatic. Mixed with some rum and you have a hot rum and eggnog. My mom and I also made the tea and then cooled it and poured over ice with rum to make a cold rum and eggnog. 

Green tea with whiskey. Pumpkin spiced whiskey is so favorable that really adding it to hot water is good enough!

Any sort of fruit tea with vodka (I love Stash brand as they are "strong" teas)

Keeping with that theme, ginger peach tea with vodka. I even brewed with some fresh ginger and threw in a peach. It was delicious. 


You will need to froth milk somehow. I have a fancy coffee maker (thank you husband). 

I also own a $9 version

Boil water however you boil your water. 

Add your alcoholic choice to cup. 
Select a milk product to go with your drink choice. I always stock the following in my fridge. 
When the water boils, add to cup with alcohol and let steep while you steam your milk. Make sure you leave enough room in the cup to add in the steamed milk. 

Steam your milk! 
Add your steamed milk and enjoy. 

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