Food Confessional #4

  • Date June 07, 2013
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Fourth installment of food confessionals....not sure if it is making me hungry or decide for yourself

Ever notice that the USA does not put real cheese on their nachos  I didn't notice until we started this food confessional portion of the blog. Now its all I notice. Queso Blanco they call it. Interesting enough, I quite enjoyed reading the Wikipedia write up on this cheese product.

I love my blogging job. I especially love writing food confessionals. Am I missing something? What is wrong with this delicious looking breakfast? Seems to me it has everything covered. Fruit, bacon, eggs, coffee. This consumer felt it was food confessional worthy, I say it looks like a great breakfast!

Now this consumer has it all right. Cheddar Bacon Burger with Fries. Location: Pink Bicycle Burger

Deep Fried Mac and Cheese. There were two of these "logs", one on the left has been opened up to show what the mac and cheese looked like. Location: Pink Bicycle Burger

Mommy, I'm hungry. Can I have a snack? Sure sweety. Let me cut up some banana, lather it in peanut butter and add some m and m's. Mommy - I can't finish this all. Oh sweety, don't worry, I happen to have a spoon right here in my pocket and would be glad to polish off this treat for you.

Might not seem like that big of a deal for the average consumer and for what we get submitted on this blog, but I will admit this is my office. I even placed an apple beside the bag of chips to try to resist the temptation. Did it work? NOPE! 

Crawfish blowout! Location? Not quite sure, but somewhere in Texas I imagine. 

A present given to my husband on his birthday. I did find a consumer who was quite happy to eat this puppy up in the microwave and enjoy. 

Ever wonder what a hungry man dinner looks like. Well here you have it. 

Wow, this is an interesting one. What a strange combo. This consumer even tried to make up for it by specifically stating that the pizza was home made and the wiener was 'European'.

This consumer had a late night snacking attack. After admitting to not wanting to eat as much peanut butter, this consumer bought "almond butter". I laughed knowing it wasn't going to work. Turns out I was right. A bowl full of the stuff mixed with what looks like candied fruit, raisins and some sort of cereal.

Presentation here deserves some credit. Some fried burritos with spicy red pepper and guacamole dip. Serve it up with a Budweiser and you have yourself a very husband friendly meal. 

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Anonymous said...

no queso blanco IS a real cheese, not a cheese product. it is similar to queso fresco and is a soft, and mild unaged white cheese, commonly used in the Iberian Peninsula and in several Latin American countries, including Mexico.