Rollie Egg Master

  • Date June 26, 2013
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This "product" caused quite a laugh at our house. I saw the product on beyond the rack and groaned at what a wasteful product this was. Who needs an egg maker? Eggs are the easiest thing to make. Fry them, scramble them, hard boiled, soft boiled. And why do we need eggs on a stick? None of it made sense to me. In fact, I was so turned off by the product, I proceeded to make fun of it to my husband at dinner that night. I didn't notice at the time, but he didn't really respond to my negativity, I just assumed he didn't care.

Turns out, he was quiet because he had bought the product that day! He brought it home a few days later and sheepishly showed me that he had bought the Rollie Egg Master. What a laugh we had! My first question to him was, WHY? and he explained that he wanted his eggs to come out in a perfect roll shape. Didn't make sense to me, but I told him that he was going to be "outed" on this one and I was definitely going to be trying the product and doing a review.

What is a Rollie? The genesis of this product is - perfect eggs every time. No mess, no fat and kids will enjoy. The contraption comes with a handy recipe book that shows you variations on many egg recipes, you can add cheese, you can add crackers, you can use egg whites, you can add hot can make french toast and it all comes out in the same egg roll shape.

Below are some of the attempts I took to make this product work. I did try. I put in a solid effort, but overall, I just don't see why I need to cook my eggs this way and don't need this product wasting space in my cupboard. The ONLY thing I have come up with that may make me want to keep this product is the concept that I could make eggs for my sushi in this as its almost the perfect size of a sushi roll and tamago is sometimes hard to make.

My first attempt, egg whites. Ok, it turned out, but not sure what the value was?

I cut it up into pieces, trying to make it "work" somehow.

Ok, so it worked well with my Huevos Rancheros recipe, but again, is it worth it?

Second attempt, adding in some cheese and chives.

The egg slowly cooks its way out of the rollie maker.

At this point, I can't stop laughing and am getting grossed out.

Uh oh, used too much egg and cheese, overflow situation.

EWWWW.......frying an egg would have been easier.

I never give up. Next attempt. I took my Flour Tortilla recipe and shoved the tortilla down the centre of the rollie maker. Then I added in the egg whites.

Ok, so the egg cooked in the tortilla. But the tortilla didn't fit all the way down the tube, so only half successful.

A ton of hot sauce was used to get through this version.

Next attempt. That's right, I still didn't give up. I bought egg creations French Toast blend.

End result, husband put on crumpet with peanut butter. He ate it, but I think at this point he was trying to prove a point. The French Toast eggs were never purchased again and the Rollie Master has now sat in the cupboard since then.


Anonymous said...

Well done, was going to buy but not any more, How can a product pass to sell. Quick money maker. Had a few of those. thanks

Louise gordon said...

Just got my Rollie Egg cooker and i love it

Tom P said...

Worst egg cooking gimmick ever. If you want hard boiled eggs, just stick them in a pot of water. If you want uncooked eggs, use the Rollie. I have done far too much experimenting, and have yet to have eggs cooked to my liking. Just stick them in a normal frying pan, and save yourself the $40 or so.

Anonymous said...

I bought this Rollie recently and I find that living on my own it is a fantastic device.... I think that people who have a bad time with it haven't read or stuck to the instruction/recipe booklet.

Wash the unit first, then heat for 10 minutes, then wash and dry again when cold before first use.

However Rollie could add a timer and storage lid to perfect it, I use a digital timer and cook my eggs in five and a half minutes to perfection using spray on extra virgin olive oil, the one used for BBQ not salads. I also add the oil after the green light comes on.

Anonymous said...

We just bought the rollie for a laugh, after seeing an ad...

Best thing ever, as we like bento boxes for our lunches.
I make veg pancake rolls, egg rolls with minced veg and meat from left-overs, etc etc, without having a huge cleanup.

Like any appliance, it takes a few goes to master, and figure out how much mix to put in.
What they call a large egg, I call a medium small egg, so the first go was hilarious.

Munching on cheese/chilli/spring onion pancake as we speak.

Anonymous said...

I use this all the time for Bacon, Egg. Lettuce and Tomato rolls.

I get the mini rolls and throw egg and bacon down the rollie.

Easy to cut up and put in the rolls, and perfect size.