Turning on the Oven in the Summer is just Wrong

  • Date June 16, 2013
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Summer always means eating out more. There seem to be more work birthday lunches, patio visits, appetizers and brunches. Good Intentions get put to the test! 

Let's start this post off with Spinnakers. A local brewpub, great views and a great menu that could please even the pickiest eaters. I am always surprised when I see that they get a 68% percent vote on urbanspoon. Sure, their fish plate is not my favorite, but they have great brew beer and an awesome menu.

You must order the beer mushroom pizza when you go to Spinnakers. It
Spinnakers on Urbanspoonis amazing. I split this with a friend and was very happy with the order. It is very thin crust and not loaded with tons of toppings or cheese. Then, we split a goat cheese, beet salad (see below). It was also very very good and went really well with the pizza. During lunch, you can order a half pizza with salad, so don't rule out Spinnakers when you are going out for lunch during the day and want something a little lighter. In fact, we loved it so much, we went back again and this time split the green salad!
Spinnakers Brewpub & Guest House Restaurant on Foodio54

As I promised to always be honest, the good intentions ordering at Spinnakers was a big success. The aftermath once we got back to my friends condo was not as good. I consumed not just one bag of bits and bites, but also a large portion of bits and bites from the bulk section as well. We won't mention the amount of wine consumed with this. Overall, good intentions: Average. 

The Oyster at Pescatores
The Oyster at Pescatores Seafood on Urbanspoon
If you have not been here, go! If you only go just to try their "French 75", then you will have pleased me. What is a French 75? Champagne, Gin, Triple Sec and Lemon Rind. Seriously, if you avoid "sweet drinks" but like something different once and a while, then this drink is for you!
Pescatore's Fish House & Oyster Bar on Foodio54

 And while you are enjoying your French 75, do participate in their oysters. They come with great dipping sauces and have a great "buck a shuck happy hour" after work. As you can see, I ALWAYS have a good time when I go here!


Earls Kitchen + Bar on Urbanspoon
I haven't been to Earls in a long time and then managed to go twice in one week. Where I normally just show photos of what I order at restaurants, I had to take some pictures of my co-workers meals this time as they were all great healthy orders that all looked fantastic! Enjoy the food porn below.

This is the prawn dynamite sushi roll. I always order with no mayo as sushi NEVER needs mayo drizzled all over it. The roll is really good, don't think you always have to order sushi at a sushi restaurant, these guys know what they are doing.

The next time I went, I split the prawn roll with my friend and we go the fish tacos as well to share. I was very happy with this meal (of course we ordered it without the spicy crema sauce).

Black bean soup and side salad

Clam chowder soup

Steak salad

Johns Place

John's Place on Urbanspoon

One of my favorite places in town. If you seek out friendly relaxing atmosphere and to be served by people who know what they are doing and do it well, go here! Plus, breakfast all day is always great. I went for lunch and created a great order! I switched my omelette to egg whites and then ordered grilled tomatoes instead of any potatoes or toast. In fact, the omelette was so good, its where I got the inspiration for this recipe. Good intentions: SUCCESS! Well....kinda...I'm not perfect and might have taken all of the crusts from the bread bowl......

John's Place Restaurant on Foodio54

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