Bunless BBQ Burgers

  • Date July 02, 2013
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Anyone want their bun toasted? No thanks, can you BBQ up this cabbage leaf for me instead?  Recipe below is for bbq chicken skewers, but you could use any of your favorite burgers, hot dogs or bbq treats and put in this cabbage bun!

Its BBQ season! That means endless nights of burgers and hot dogs. A while back I gave up the bun with my burgers and started making "burger salads". This was OK, but I still missed the ability to make a burger, especially since most BBQ's involve eating off your lap outside. I tried wrapping my burger in lettuce but what a mess. So then I came across cabbage and thought, mmmm, this could work. It is sturdy enough that you can cook it on the BBQ and fill with your favorite innards and it keeps its shape and doesn't fall apart everywhere! 


1 skewer of chicken makes about 2-3 wraps depending on the size of your cabbage. Total calories is based mostly on the size of your chicken skewer. When I did the math, it came to 300 calories and made three wraps!

  • 1 chicken skewer
  • Tomatoe, 3 slices
  • Carrots, 3/4 cup shredded
  • Daikon, 1/2 cup shredded
  • Bean sprouts, 1 cup
  • Cabbage leafs, 2-3 large leafs
  • Baslmaic glaze, 1-2 tbls


Carefully remove the outer leafs of the cabbage. You might have to cut into the "core" piece of the cabbage to help separate the leafs out. 

Throw onto the BBQ and cook on both sides. I like the brown toasty edges, but its your choice as to how much you cook them. 

Try not to eat the cabbage before you get to your actual meal! 

For this dinner, we did BBQ chicken skewers with some veggies, balsamic glaze and hot sauce. 

Results were delicious! The cabbage holds together so well that there is no breakage or messes as you eat.

And the BBQ cabbage tastes great so an added treat!

I could eat these again (oh wait, since the time of taking these photos I have since made these three times). 

Still trying to master holding the "wrap" while taking a photo. Work in progress. 

Husband Friendly Version

There wasn't a husband friendly version for this unfortunately. He chose a bun and a burger and I also made him a side of yams for filling. He did admit that mine looked amazing so perhaps the next time he might participate! 

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