Cabbage Steaks

  • Date July 11, 2013
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Grilled cabbage steaks seasoned with garlic, spice & balsamic glaze. 

BBQ season has me constantly thinking of new ways I can use the BBQ without caving to hotdogs and hamburgers. My recent love of cabbage tempted me to try a "cabbage steak". Very easy! Cut the cabbage, spice to your liking, cook on the grill (mine cooked for less than 10 minutes) and enjoy! For 50 calories a steak, its a great filler for those that love large portion sizes as much as I do!

Cut the cabbage into "steaks" - I did mine around 2-3 inches thick

Season however you want. I used crushed garlic and a variety of spices (pepper, cayenne pepper, red chilis)

Place on the BBQ

Mmmmmm, dinner looking good. We had cabbage steaks, chicken breast and roast mushrooms. 

I pulled off the BBQ once the edges got a bit crispy!

Served with the rest of the BBQ foods and what a delicious meal option. I glazed with a bit of balsamic glaze. Wowsa! Try this one.

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