Does Price Matter ?

  • Date July 18, 2013
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When trying to order healthy at a restaurant, do you consider the price? 

Do you consider the price when trying to order healthy at a restaurant? Does it ever bother you that salads plus the addition of a "protein" can add up really quickly? And then do you consider the fact that your salad is probably costing the restaurant less to make than it would to provide the cheaper options of burgers, fries, pizza etc? Or does it matter? Can you ignore the price knowing you are getting what you want? 

My most recent experience was in Kelowna at Ric's Grill. I ordered the Ric’s Rocket Greens which came with:  Fresh greens and arugula, cranberries, crumbled feta, sliced almonds, and
toasted pumpkin seeds, with a citrus honey vinaigrette. 

Ric's Grill Kelowna on UrbanspoonOf course, I modified the order to ask for no almonds, no dressing and hot sauce on the side. I also added on a prawn skewer. The salad (picture above) was delicious, although I didn't see a single toasted pumpkin seed anywhere in sight. The prawns were good and there was a healthy serving of goat cheese. Overall, very happy with my order. 

But at what price? What is most interesting is I couldn't find the menu online with prices and every Ric's grill seems to do it differently, some show prices, some don't and their menu is different by location. However, by memory, the salad was around $11.95 and the add on prawns were around $9.95. All of a sudden, you are at a $22 lunch? 


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Anonymous said...

Large chain restaurants have recognized the changing eating habits of calorie concious consumers and this is a healthy option for keeping revenues high. I wonder if there is a correlation between high salad prices and the amount of restaurant eye candy?