Don't Let Sushi Fool You!

  • Date July 12, 2013
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Its not all the same. Going for sushi doesn't mean you are making healthy choices. The popularity of sushi has turned some of it into a fast food type offering, masked by the name "sushi"

In my perfect world, I could order my sushi at restaurants with cauliflower (Cauliflower Rice Sushi). That doesn't appear to be a trend that is going to take off anytime soon and I go out for sushi quite a bit still. I also get random texts and emails all of the time with people asking "what do I order?", "how much should I order?". Having done a ton of research, here are my sushi ordering tips if you want to keep it healthy!

General Tips

Start with a SOUP. Miso soup is filling and low in calories. Also it always comes out first so you don't have to wait for your rolls to be made while you stuff your face. 

Don't rule out the SALAD. Seaweed salad, Sunomono salad, edamame all great choices as well.

Avoid the CRUNCH. tempura anything is going to break the bank if your watching your fat intake. Just because there is a yam hidden in the tempura doesn't make it healthy.

Just say no to SAUCE. Since when did delicious sushi need bbq sauce, mayo or cream cheese? That's what the soy sauce and wasabi and ginger are for.

Minimize the RICE. Obviously you are going to have rolls with rice, but consider maki rolls that use less rice and start to venture into the sashimi world to eliminate the rice out of your order or at least part of your order. You could also ask for brown rice if they carry it. 

Breaking it Down

Now for those that want even more detail, here are some general guidelines of calories per various types of sushi rolls. Given that all restaurants make and cut their rolls differently, it is really hard to make the math perfect, but here is my rule of thumb:

  • Miso soup (depends on tofu or not) 40-70 calories per bowl
  • Sunomono salad (with crab) 50-75 per bowl
  • Seaweed salad (no sauce) 100 calories for 1 cup
  • Edamame 1/2 cup steamed (125 calories)
  • Sashimi (tuna or salmon) 20-30 calories per piece
  • Maki Rolls (i.e, tuna, avocado, cucumber)  20-30 calories per piece
  • Inside out rolls (i.e, tuna/avocado, veggie roll, scallop etc)  30-40 per piece
  • Crunch rolls (i.e, yam tempura, prawn tempura) 40-50 per piece
  • Specialty rolls (i.e, rainbow rolls, prawn crunch rolls) 60-70 per piece


Now, practice what you preach right? Here are some of recent orders I made when going out for sushi so you can get a sense of what I like to order! Also, I managed to hit up a few of my favorite spots in Victoria so you can drool at the great sushi we have here!


Ebizo Japanese Restaurant Ltd on Foodio54Ebizo Sushi on UrbanspoonFirst off, my absolute favorite sushi restaurant in Victoria! The staff are amazing, friendly and the sushi chefs are quick, efficient and always smiling and happy!. Also, I am going to make Ebizo sushi chef's groan right now as I share with you their secret roll that is NOT on the menu but the best thing going at this restaurant. A "ricki roll". See below for photos!

Order Number 1: 500 Calorie Lunch

  • 1 ricki roll (no mayo)  
  • 1/3 order of tuna tataki
  • 1 miso soup

Order Number 2: 650 Calorie Dinner

  • Miso soup
  • Tuna-Salmon sashimi
  • Avocado maki 
  • Cucumber maki. 

Interesting here is that the avocado maki came inside out and I thought all maki rolls were seaweed on the outside. However, a very large serving of avocado per piece. The cucumber maki were also good.

The tuna salmon sashimi was amazing. Perfect cuts and 4 large pieces served on a bed of daikon radish.

Just because the sushi is so delicious I will also show what Brett ordered and I want to show off how great Ebizo is. He got a spicy tuna avocado roll, a spicy salmon avocado roll and a chop chop scallop roll.

Shiki Sushi

Shiki Sushi on Urbanspoon
We hadn't been to Shiki in awhile as the last time we went the service was really really slow. However, they have sushi pizza which Brett really wanted so off we went to try them out again. The service has definitely improved although the restaurant wasn't that busy......but they were very accommodating to bring me extra radish for my sashimi and a ton of extra ginger.

Shiki Sushi on Foodio54Order Number 3: 400 Calorie Dinner
  • Tuna salmon sashimi 
  • Avocado maki roll. 

Brett's order looked amazing! He got sushi pizza, negitoro roll (tuna with green onion) and a prawn tempura roll.

Itami Sushi

Itami Sushi on UrbanspoonA brand new restaurant in town that I have been wanting to try out! It has a very nice decor and a very large menu with lots of pictures! I always appreciate pictures (especially of the specialty rolls as you never know what they are trying to describe). My friends got a bento box and some assorted sushi and miso soup. It was all very good and served in an appropriate time for lunch time workers. I got a special roll, the cuke maki roll - no rice, rolled in cucumber and the middle had egg, avocado, crab and salmon. It was delicious and I would order again in a heart beat!

Order Number 4: 300 Calorie Lunch

  • Miso Soup
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Cuke Maki Roll

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Excellent post. I'm not a sushi fan but this will help if I find myself in a Japanese restaurant.