How was your weekend? Cause mine was EPIC!

  • Date July 28, 2013
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This is the smile of a happy girl. Whats the saying, "happy wife - happy life". I think so. Every Monday morning at work, the standard question is "how was your weekend?", or "did you have a good weekend?". My standard response is usually the same, "Yes, I worked on the house", or "Yes, I wish it was a day longer". What do you say when you have epic weekend though?  A golden nugget was presented this weekend as my sister had to stay back from a trip to Vancouver with her husband to take care of potential house sale and a dog she is babysitting. This meant a KID FREE WEEKEND! I think I might have been more excited than she was and decided that I would plan a jam packed weekend of kid free activities. Of course, this involved, exercise, food, more food, good wine, friends and non stop activities.

I started the weekend off all about me. Kayaking in the inner harbor with some co-workers. I might be smiling here but my co-workers can tell you that I was not "loving" the water activity. I ended up enjoying myself but will stick to land sports from now on.

Outdoor Patios

First stop on the list was downtown. Walking along the inner harbour, shopping, buying tea from Davids Tea, drooling over Lululemon and then sharing a bottle of wine at Earls. People watching, relaxing and even eating their mint they grow right in the planters next to our table.


Why not go to a pub? Parents miss pubs. They eat at Red Robins and White spot. They crave pubs. 
And why not my favorite mushroom beer cheese pizza? Oysters to start, side of french fries and a delicious red wine. 

Cherries Breakfast Bistro

Cherries Breakfast Bistro on Urbanspoon

I can't tell you enough how much I love this restaurant. The staff are some of the friendliest out there!  The food is delicious, coffee is amazing and the casual atmosphere is perfect and its quick! Order at the counter, grab a seat, get a piece of plastic fruit to mark your table and wait for your delicious food to arrive.

Kendra has the Eggs Benedict. Complete with sweet potato hash, avocado, prawns and bacon. She devoured it and was a happy camper!

Brett had the breakfast poutine. It is amazing as well. It is covered with pulled pork and he loves the potatoes they serve with it as well. He had started with one of their amazing muffins so he wasn't the first to finish his meal this time (Kendra Oink Oink was).

I of course, stuck to the healthier options, which at Cherries is really easy to do. You can make your own omelette, choosing from a great list of fillings. I chose to make my omelette egg white and then added spinach, mushrooms, green onions and goat cheese. I got the fruit instead of toast and it was delicious.

Fairways on Hillside/Quadra

After a quick walk to digest breakfast, we were in need of a lunch spot. I needed groceries so we decided to hit up our favorite quick lunch spot location. A grocery store? Yep! Its no - Whole Foods or Trader Joes, but if you have not been to the Fairways on Quadra you are missing out. They have a GIANT cafe right in the grocery store. Hot asian food, thai food, sushi, salad bar deluxe, sandwich making station, bubble tea, packaged meals, its all there! I got a giant salad and it weighed in at $5.25. You can't beat that. You must try it. Brett swears by the perogies, sushi, phad thai and chicken balls. 

Fairway Market on Urbanspoon

QV Bakery

QV Cafe-Bakery on Urbanspoon

Kendra and I had plans to do a long bike ride Sunday ending up at QV bakery for some of their desserts. Two problems - we were very tired from the previous night (perhaps a little hungover) and Kendra's bike had a flat tire. After teaching her how to change a flat, we were tired and no longer in the mood to bike. Brett drove us down to QV and we got our dessert anyways. :)

I love, repeat LOVE, QV Bakery. Have you been there lately? They have everything. From my favorite hazelnut cream coffee to macaroni and cheese, breakfast sandwiches, pickle fries, yam fries, soups, burgers, enchiladas and a giant selection of desserts!

They also have a great staff, always friendly! I called Friday morning to make sure they were stocking the peanut butter cheesecake. The person on the phone was so great that she assured me she would get the baker to have something ready for our arrival on Sunday. When we arrived, sure enough they had a peanut butter cheesecake tart on display. Kendra and I got one each and also decided to try the chocolate peanut butter fudge with marshmallows. I won't try to describe how good it was. Just believe me. Amazing.

So how do you end such a great weekend? You don't want it to end. So you blog about it so you can go back and read the post Monday morning when you have forgotten how great the weekend was. You also cook a great Sunday night dinner. A new version of the bbq cabbage wraps - this meal was all done on the BBQ, chicken, garlic scape, asian mushrooms, eggplant and red cabbage.

Off to watch a movie. Epic weekend. Epic.


Laurie said...

Love this post! Awesome pics. Looks like you had a great time and tons of yummy food! Wishing I were there now...

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