Hamburger Sushi

  • Date August 07, 2013
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I might be willing to admit I have a small addiction to sushi. Not as bad as my addiction to peanut butter but its up there. Candy Sushi, Cauliflower Sushi, Cream Cheese Wasabi Cabbage Sushi. I have made it all, and yes, I even have made Hamburger Sushi. 

I actually made this quite some time ago, but I couldn't resist not sharing this with my fellow readers. Basically, I made my sushi using the inside of a regular hamburger. I made hamburger patties from scratch and rolled them into long rolls and fried them in a frying pan. I added in pickles, cheese, avocado and whatever else you might put on a regular hamburger. Then I rolled it like you would regular sushi. I served it with mustard and ketchup as dippers. It was a big success (granted, I took it to a white trash party......) 

Click on the picture below to see a close of the actual hamburger sushi I took to the party! 

Don't worry, the sushi posting hasn't ended, in fact, we are just getting started....stay tuned, I have some interesting ideas up my sleeve. 

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Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Love this! I don't eat meat myself but it looks SO fun :)