Wasabi Cream Cheese Nori Wraps

  • Date August 04, 2013
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Riceless Sushi Rolls filled with Delicious Colorful Vegetables. A Great Dinner or Appetizer! 

I am very excited to share this recipe! I trialed it last night at a BBQ and someone asked me where I got the idea. Laying awake with my usual middle of the night insomnia, I realized there were many inspirations for this recipe:

  1. I have recently learned to love wasabi.  
  2. The cauliflower rice sushi requires the cauliflower rice to cool down before it can be made, making it harder to make riceless sushi as a quick meal.
  3. Taking sushi as an appetizer to parties can be tricky if people need to mix their own wasabi and soy sauce etc. I wanted more of a grab type sushi that could be eaten easier.
  4. I recently purchased a food processor and started making cabbage a staple in my house and thought, we use cauliflower, why not cabbage?


To make 4 Rolls (100 calories per roll):

  • 4 tbls light cream cheese
  • wasabi powder to taste
  • 1/2 cup shredded carrots
  • 1/2 cup shredded daikon
  • 2 cups cabbage (shredded)
  • nori (seaweed) - 4 pieces
  • 1/4 package of medium firm tofu
  • green onion

There are tons of variations you can make to this recipe!, further down in the pictures, the version I took to the bbq last night included:
  • roasted garlic scape
  • roasted yams
  • mango
  • cabbage
  • beets
  • carrots


  • The hardest part about this recipe is getting the vegetables prepared! Slice, dice, food process, do whatever you need to make sure the cabbage is as "rice like" as you can get it! 
  • Mix cream cheese with wasabi paste. I purchase the wasabi powder where you mix with water and then add to the cream cheese. I have also thrown in a little wasabi horseradish as well. 
  • Lay out the cream cheese mixture on the seaweed and spread as evenly as you can get it. Then spread out the cabbage like it is "rice". 
  • Add the rest of your vegetables, roll, cut and serve! 
  • Pictures do a much better job of explaining, see below!

Wasabi Powder - head to the store and purchase this immediately

Mix the wasabi into the cream cheese

Mmmmm, taste beforehand and wait 5 minutes, it gets spicier once it has settled

Get all of your ingredients ready for the rolls!

Spread out the wasabi mixture onto the seaweed

Doesn't have to be perfect, you are using this to make sure the rolls stick together better

Spread out the cabbage like you would for "rice", then add the other ingredients at the front of the seaweed paper

Green cabbage is the base in this roll

Roll it up like sushi!

Cut it up like sushi!

Presentation is easy given how bright and colorful these rolls are!

I am getting hungry just typing this post and its only 5am

Variation 2: Carrots, beets, garlic scape, yams, mango, cabbage

In this variation, I didn't lay out the cabbage like rice and just put it all on the paper at the top. It rolled just as easy as the recipe up top. So its your choice how you want to lay it out.

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