Good Intentions #10 - Chicken Lettuce Wraps

  • Date September 11, 2013
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One -Two Three -Four, I declare a thumb war!

In this post, I challenged two local restaurants to see if they could meet my expectations of a good chicken lettuce wrap. Granted, the restaurants did not know they were in a competition and the challenger in this case, Pinks Pantry, had the unfair advantage of being the only vote, but its still a competition nonetheless

Why chicken lettuce wraps? I love making my own food, I also tend to order off the appetizer menus as restaurants. I love hot sauce and I love my leafy greens. Its a great combo! So, the challenge was on. Me against two local restaurants, let's see who won!

CHALLENGER #1: Royal Oak Med GrillMed Grill on UrbanspoonMed Grill Royal Oak on Foodio54

The Royal Oak Med Grill is a great go to restaurant. It is especially good as it lots of options for my food "pickyness" and your husband will always be happy with his choices.

Our trip to Royal Oak Med Grill was on a Saturday night, the restaurant was as usual busy and we got seated right away. Ordered a bottle of wine to start and Brett decided to participate in the 4 course Tuscan dinner for $21.99.

Brett's steak! See husband friendly!
I of course got the chicken lettuce wraps. They are $12 and description as follows: 
Hoisin infused chicken, crispy tortilla, vermicelli noodles & a trio of asian influenced sauces. 

The only alterations I made to the order was that I asked for only one of the sauces (the hoisin based sauce) and a side of hot sauce and skipped on the peanut sauce and the wasabi aioli. These sauces are amazing, I just love the asian sauce the most having had these many times!

My order! I think its a whole head of lettuce! 

Having ordered this menu item at least 6 times in the past, I am allowed to comment that it is a tad unfortunate that tonight was the night I was putting Med Grill in the competition as some of the lettuce pieces provided were not big enough or too small to make a good wrap and the chicken mixture was a lot wetter than usual, causing a big mess on my plate as I tried to eat these things.

Taste wise though they were as good as ever and after polishing off a half bottle of wine and half of my husbands dessert, I immediately told him we can come back here anytime he wants!

Blackberry cheesecake paired with red wine is a keeper. 

THE CHALLENGER #2: Bin 4 Burger Lounge

 Bin 4 Burger Lounge on Urbanspoon

The trip to Bin 4 Burger Lounge was my first time here, we even went to the West Shore location as we were meeting my brother and his family who are from Metchosin. Again, another great restaurant that has items that meet everyone's dietary needs. 

Here is my order: Ginger Soy Chicken Lettuce Wraps $14
Ground chicken, red onions, red peppers, wild mushrooms, green onions, ginger soy sauce, toasted almonds, crispy wontons, fresh cilantro 

This was much different than med grill as they used butter lettuce rather than iceberg and they have much more going on in the mixture. Portion size it is smaller. I enjoyed it just as much but for some reason the Med Grill flavors in the chicken mixture are better suited to my desired taste palette. However, this is a definite repeat order. No complaints. Also! You can substitute grilled tofu which I will be doing next time.

After I ordered, my sister-in-law ordered her burger without the bun and has a lettuce burger! Amazing, I was intrigued. She also got the tofu burger. You can turn any burger into a tofu burger. I will be back!

THE CHALLENGER #3: Pinks Pantry

From my recipe: Pinks Pantry BBQ Chicken Cabbage Wraps
I do like using cabbage as it is so much sturdier than lettuce and allows you to fit more into the wrap.I also add in red peppers and use BBQ chicken rather than pan fried chicken.

Serve these wraps as a "build your own" rather than mixed into one mixture.


This should come to no surprise! ------- PINKS PANTRY!

I guess the key deciding factor is that both of the restaurants make these lettuce chicken wraps as an appetizer and therefore would assume people would share them. When eating them as a meal, they start to become a bit boring and when I make my cabbage wraps I make them for a meal, and therefore use more vegetables and make much more!

Where have you had your favorite lettuce wraps? 


shawna said...

I think there may have been a bit of nepotism in that decision :)

Thanks for the info!! When I want a lettuce (cabbage) wrap, I'll be sure to stop by your house instead of wasting my time with those restaurants!


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