Grilled Vegetables (Okra, Daikon, Mushrooms)

  • Date September 22, 2013
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Looking for some inspiration with what do with your vegetables? I have been known to shout and cheer in the produce section of the grocery store when I find unique vegetables or when cauliflower is $2 a head or when you find the perfect size zucchini that will spiralize well for carb free pasta. 

If you don't share my excitement but are still looking for some inspiration with vegetables, try this. Stand in the produce section and put the word ROASTED in front of the raw vegetables you are staring at. If it sounds good when you say it, then buy it!

Of course there are the obvious roasted vegetables including recipes I have already done:

But lets go further into my crazy pink land and why not try these:

ROASTED Eggplant
ROASTED Shiitake Mushrooms


This isn't rocket science, that's why vegetables are inspiring. With such little effort you can create delicious roasted vegetables to pair with all of your favorite foods? Just cut them up, toss with your favorite spice and roast in the oven!

Okra and Daikon!

Shiitake Mushrooms!

Still not convinced? Still don't know what to pair them with? Try these easy meal ideas:

Roasted Okra and Daikon on spaghetti squash

Grilled Shiitake mushrooms, eggplant with some goat cheese and bashed chicken

I dare you to find a vegetable that doesn't roast well!

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