2 Ingredient Crepe

  • Date October 01, 2013
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I really want to turn the successful 2 ingredient pancake recipe into an adult version of a crepe. My goal was to make the banana pancakes and have a wonderful crepe and put more banana and fruit inside this crepe and then top with some delicious peanut butter or agave syrup. 

Everything started out great. I mixed together one banana and 2 egg whites, some vanilla and cinnamon. I used some almond milk to make the pancake mixture runnier (as you would with regular crepes). I heated up my pan, sprayed some pam and poured out my "crepe batter". It was looking like it was going to be a huge success! However, as it started cooking I realized that I would no way of flipping this crepe and that the consistency wouldn't allow me to toss it around like a regular crepe. 

What a giant mess. I ended up turning into a scrambled mess and browned it till it almost turned into a candy like consistency. Since I hate wasting ingredients, I actually ended up putting it on oatmeal with some PB2 and it was delicious, so phew!

But my original desire for the 2 ingredient crepe was not satisfied. I call on all of you out there to figure out how to make this work? 

The original batter in the pan...when things were still looking promising....

The end result, put over oatmeal with PB2, still delicious, but missing the original intent.

How can we turn the 2 ingredient pancake into a crepe? Ideas?


Ali said...

I've done the two ingredient pancake as a thinner pancake in the oven in a silicone flan container. The silicone makes it removable, however my fault was that I didn't let the mixture settle enough - there were too many air bubbles.

Erinn Pinky said...

Did you have to flip it when it was in the oven? This could be a good alternative as I really want to try to make a thinner crepe with this recipe! Thanks for your advice!

Autumn said...

Putting a piece of parchment on a cookie sheet, pouring a thin version of the pancake batter and then baking in oven might work? I don't think you'd need to flip it.

Another idea...My mom has a crepe maker that you could borrow....I find it handles flimsy batters quite well.