Roasted Eggplant Soup

  • Date October 23, 2013
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I realized the other day that this whole cooking thing isn't a new trend. My family members will remember fondly that years ago I brought an eggplant appetizer to a family gathering. It was roast eggplant, with some tomato sauce and cheese on top. What a disaster. First off, my family all thought they were biting into a cracker so when they experienced the softness of the eggplant, their expectations were not met and there was even some gagging gestures made. I was ridiculed for the rest of the family dinner and years following. I am not bring up the past in an attempt to create some yoga zen-like get past my history moment here. It is to recognize that the cooking bug might always have been in me but I never had the confidence, time or even desire to see what I could do with it?

I love eggplant, but my recipes including eggplant thus far have been limited to Asian style stir-fries. Therefore, I thought a delicious roasted eggplant soup would be a good mix up! Even more exciting is that I finally bought a food scale.Now I can measure out my food from bulk or leftovers without having to constantly switch between measuring cups and guessing! OR.....did I buy this to measure my whiskey for the night so I don't have to measure each shot individually. :)


95 calories per cup
Makes about 8 cups
  • Eggplant (1 pound or 3 small)
  • Beans (your choice), I used bean medley soup mix (80 grams)
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1 granny smith apple, diced
  • 1 cup drained canned tomatoes
  • 4 cups reduced sodium chicken broth or vegetable broth (1 carton)
  • Cilantro, fresh, chopped
  • 1/2 can coconut milk (lite)
  • 4 tbls curry powder
  • 2 tbls cayanne pepper
  • 1 tbls soy sauce
  • salt/pepper


Step 1: Prep Eggplant

  • Preheat oven to 400F
  • Peel the eggplant and slice it 1/4 inch thick
  • Place the eggplant on a nonstick pan (or spray with pam) and cover with tinfoil
  • Roast the eggplant until its very tender (around 30 minutes)
  • Remove the eggplant and let cool
  • Chop half of the eggplant and set aside
  • Add the other half of the eggplant to the food processor

Step 2: Prepare food for food processor:

  • Spray a skillet with pam and add onions, saute until tender (around 2-3 minutes)
  • Add the diced apple and cook for another 2-3 minutes
  • Stir in the tomato, curry powder, cayanne pepper, soy sauce and cook, stirring for another 2-3 minutes
  • Add 1 cup of the chicken broth and cook another minute

  • Pour into food processor
  • Add the beans into the food processor
  • Add cilantro here as well (save some for a garnish)
  • (Reminder, you should also have half of the eggplant in here as well)
  • Puree until it forms a thick paste

Step 3: Mix Together to Form Soup

  • In a large pot, add 3 cups of the broth and bring to a low simmer
  • Add the sliced eggplant
  • Add the soup paste from the food processor
  • Stir well
  • Add the coconut milk
  • Season to taste (adding salt/pepper or more curry powder)
  • Heat to a boil, then simmer for at least 20 minutes

Step 4: Eat!

Serve with a pappadum, sour cream and add cilantro to garnish.

Husband Friendly Version:

I added some leftover rice to Brett's soup before serving to him.

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drillsargentbeattie said...

Sounds good. I like eggplant but don't have a lot of recipes to use it.