Toronto Temptations

  • Date November 14, 2013
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Your body doesn't take a vacation. This is what I read right on pinterest right before boarding a plane leaving on a vacation to Toronto. However, having a glass or two of wine at lunch is symbolic of any vacation to me and therefore, why not try to eat healthy when away so that you can partially offset the large copious amounts of delicious red wine you might consume. So as I headed out to conquer healthy eating away from my sanctuary of my kitchen, here are the pictures of my successful mission!

(Not included in the pictures are the vacation guilty pleasures consumed including, but not limited to: almond rocha, salt and vinegar chips, beer, chocolate, halloween candy, bread with butter and peanut butter, cookies, wine, ice cream, fries). Nobody is perfect!

Here we go!!!!

Fish tacos! Served in a lettuce wrap. A tad messy but delicious nonetheless.

Boarding a plane to Toronto, purchased a grilled chicken salad, grabbed hot sauce from another food outlet and purchased 2 hard boiled eggs from the snack bar.

Dumpling House for lunch. Ordered a delicious seaweed salad, hot and sour soup and tofu. While this food was to share, I am pretty certain I ate most of it! :)

Seaweed salad!

Homemade taco night where I got confused due to jetlag and made an asian slaw to compliment what portion of the mexican meal? Oops, but still tasty!

Chicken wraps at Niagra Falls. Delicious wraps, although a tad irritated with the menu as it made no mention of any peanuts being in the recipe and then showed up covered. However, I still devoured them nonetheless.

Sushi for Dinner! Asian salad and a beer (or three) to start.

Sushi Pizza (Husband ordered this, but I love showing the pictures as its always so good)!

Rice free rolls! Tuna and Salmon rolls with extra ginger.

Wine and cheese bar - piri piri prawns! The picture does not do it justice as to how large these prawns were.

So I ordered another round and still struggled to capture the amazing size of these jumbo prawns.

Vegetable platter delight. Prawns skewered into a carved out melon? Yes please.

But there's more! Sushi, roasted vegetables, salmon skewers, chicken skewers, raw vegetables. This is my heaven.

Dips in carved out bell peppers.

Eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, olives, onions, red peppers. OMG!

Not everything has to be restaurant ordering, back at the house, I made a grilled cabbage in a panini maker and topped with horseradish....

Breakfast when you have time! That means I could broil a grapefruit (takes 35 min at 350') with soft boiled eggs

Seared ahi tuna salad with green beans, arugula, egg, tomatoes and olives.

Yes yes, don't worry, husband got fed well as well. I ordered a side of his fries as they were just that good and devoured them with my salad.

Plane ride home! Salad bar at the airport. I think there should be salad bars on every street corner.

It can be done! My body thanked me for not destroying it and I returned right back into my regular routine of yoga, bootcamps, running and healthy eating. Until the next vacation.......

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