2013 Year In Review

  • Date December 31, 2013
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Looking back on 2013 and trying to figure out the best way to write this post was challenging. I had to spend some time refreshing my memory as to why I started blogging in the first place. I love blogging, so how do I celebrate my first year as a blogger? What do I focus a year in review on?

Was the success in the numbers? 

If my goal was all about the numbers, then I would start the post by celebrating in the statistics. I wrote over 121 blog posts in one year, that's around 2-3 posts per week. I passed over 100,000 site visits last week. Phew. I'm not alone out there and someone must be reading the blog!

Was it the recipes? 

But my goal in writing the blog wasn't about the numbers. Of course the more people I can reach the better, but I really wanted to have viewers enjoy my posts - to try the recipes, to enjoy the creativity I put towards my vegetables and to hopefully enjoy my honest, straightforward and what I find to be humorous writing style. Based on this goal, I could celebrate some of the favorite recipes from 2013, hard to choose, but based on numbers and how many positive comments from readers, here are the top 5:

Was it the social media growth? 

I spent a lot of time in 2013 trying to figure out the best way to expand my viewers beyond my friends and immediate family. I tried numerous social media techniques, here are a few my successes from 2013: 

Was it the personal growth? 

Creating a post for my blog requires a ton of background work (from figuring out the calories, to taking pictures, to perfecting the recipe, to writing the post). When you finally post a new recipe, you are excited and want everyone to read it and make it the next day. Sometimes you post at the wrong time of day or wrong day of the week and your post gets lost in the internet world. Its very disappointing. What helps is when you meet a whole world of food bloggers who share in our ups and downs. Especially the many time zones means that no matter what time I am working on a post, there is always someone out there to chat with! One of my favourite memories was when I met a fellow blogger from New York and Sandie and I created a joint blog post together. It was a ton of fun. Also having never tried chicken picatta before, it was another new recipe for the list! 

This year I had a ton of good recipe successes and also some giant failures. My husband deserves an award for some of the failure meals he had to endure. Speaking of husbands, Brett deserves special mention as he learned to "accept" my blogging and has become a great help in the kitchen. He no longer complains when the food goes cold while I take photos. He understands that the food scale is required while we cook and that a pen and paper is always nearby. With his help, 2013 included

1. The creation of the "husband friendly version" of each recipe
2. Brett became a guest poster with this bashed bbq chicken, pulled pork and miso glazed salmon
3. Brett created from scratch a new recipe with me and the success of the sesame miso cones resulted in a great recipe, a great afternoon making them together and we won a food competition as a result.

The real 2013 Success.....

It really is all about the vegetables. My passion for creating simple, easy to make meals with delicious vegetables is what got me started and what keeps me going. From gourds to cauliflower, cabbage, daikon, okra, jicima, celery root, squash and herbs, it is my love of these that keeps me motivated and will continue to do so into 2014. 

Thank you to all of my fans, friends and family who continue to support me. Stay tuned for an exciting 2014! 


autumn said...

great post Erinn....and of course, great blog! i eagerly await your posts...especially now that you've gone away from such crazy things as no calorie spreads! love love love your focus on fun ways to use veggies. the husband friendly version is great...thanks Brett!
keep up the great work Erinn! looking forward to some food adventures with you in the new year!

Erinn Pinky said...

Thanks Autumn. And thanks for always providing inspiration and our great dinners out! I look forward to working with you in 2014 on "raw food", "dehydration" and some cooking classes. Wow, we are going to be busy!

And don't ever turn your lemon squares into any healthy. They are amazing just the way they are :)

drillsargentbeattie said...

Great job. Sounds like you had great success in many ways. Blogs are fun and they make you grow in so many ways.

vanillahousewife.com said...

Sounds like you had an awesome 2013! All the best for 2014!

Dana Hemelt said...

What a great year for you! Visiting from SITS today,and I'm going to browse around now - I have chicken breasts in the fridge ready for dinner and I'd love a new recipe for them.