Birthday Weekend in Vegas

  • Date December 16, 2013
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Celebrating two birthdays in vegas and eating at such great restaurants that another whole post is deserved to food photos. I also love to share my trials and tribulations of trying to eat healthy when away on vacation. I do better than most, but I had a few good cheats (and don't get me started on the amount of whiskey I consumed). And what is a good cheat? Something you wouldn't normally eat but is delicious. An example, natchos!

I love this photo. My brother in law who was also celebrating his birthday. We still don't know why he is holding my drink and I am holding his drink in this photo.

Secret to most of my success on this trip is that I pre picked what I would order at most of the restaurants. That way I wouldn't be too fussed about bad decisions that we all make when we are hungry and perhaps a bit tipsy?

First up! We were staying at the Paris hotel and much to lazy to go anywhere on the first night, so we headed right over the Mon Ami Gabi to watch the fountain show at the Bellagio while we enjoyed our first dinner together. 

Mon Ami Gabi on Urbanspoon
I am normally not a lover of french food, but this place serves up some of the best french bread to start! I ordered the scallops with mushrooms in a mashed squash puree. Delicious!

Not shown in the photo is their delicious pomme frittes which I successfully devoured in one sitting.

The restaurant was awesome and brought out two little desserts for Brodie and I. Some sort of pastry with ice cream and wafer bottom. It wasn't that good, but after half a bottle of wine, my dessert belly ate both of them anyways. 

Hash House A Go Go on Urbanspoon
The only breakfast we went for was Brett's choosing. I knew what we were in for as I have been there before, but everyone must experience Hash House a Go Go when they go to Vegas. The largest portion sizes I have ever seen. Service is terrible and the food is average, but you remember a lot by your food experiences, nobody remembers what color the comforter was in the hotel room!

Brett ordered one of the speciality meals! Fried chicken on a waffle. It was actually really good and he only got through one of this waffles as even he couldn't get through it all.

Now as for me. I think karma played a factor in my breakfast. I tried to order healthy at a non healthy restaurant. Two poached eggs medium and a side of fruit. The poached eggs came out super soft (runny white mess) and my fruit never showed up. By the time the server came around to ask how our meals were, we were almost done. We let her know my food never came out and that the eggs were almost not edible and she offered to put the order in but at this point I was so angry I just said screw it. Thank you to my family members who gave me all of the fruit off of their plates and a few forks of everyone's leftovers made my meal that day. I guess you can't win them all? 

Who cares about breakfast though when you know you are going to Gordon Ramsay's Steak house for dinner! This dinner was tailored to Brodie (obviously as I don't eat steak), but I was just as excited nonetheless. Luckily we got a reservation well in advance and luckily we were seated in a semi-private room. With a table of 7 and some heavy drinking occurring all day, we were loud and happy and would have disturbed the general dining population for sure.

Gordon Ramsay Steak on Urbanspoon

Here is how exciting it was! They bring out all of the meat cuts to show you before you order. At this point I might have had a few glasses of champagne and might have rudely jumped behind the steaks to get a photo while the poor server was trying to explain them.

I shared the shrimp cocktail to start. It came out with a weird looking "foam" on it. I'm sure that's fancy for something, but the foam was not doing it for me. A quick spooning off of the foam and now we are in business.

We had a good laugh around the table that since I didn't get breakfast, this prawn was the most food I had eaten all day.

Brett and Brodie had the sliders to start. They looked amazing!

My meal, the fishermans grill. All mixed seafood. It was amazing and I loved it!

Brett had the beef wellington and said it was the best he has ever had.

I had a fellow vegetable lover at the table with me, so we made sure we ordered some good sides with our meals. Braised carrots were amazing! Steamed spinach in the middle and mushrooms on the right. I think I ate most of those three to myself. Mac and Cheese for those that needed some carbs :) A successful night out for dinner. I am having trouble remembering what happened after dinner to the next morning, but seeing that we ended up at a oxygen bar to recuperate I think we had fun.

The problem with vegas is you wake up too late to have breakfast and by the time you get going lunch is almost over or everyone is ready to start gambling and bloody mary's have been consumed resulting in nobody being hungry. However, I have an endless appetite and demanded food. To satisfy those in our group (you know you are) that had an amazing buzz on at 11am we went to Margaritaville for those that wanted a liquid lunch.

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville on Urbanspoon

I ordered the prawn salad that came with hard boiled eggs and avocado. It was delicious!

However. It was 2:30pm by the time I got my food and hunger had it in. Salad wasn't enough. Brett ordered the natchos and I proceeded to make a VERY large dent in them. They were some of the best natchos I have ever had. 

That night we went to Nobu! I have been to the Nobu in Dubai and loved it there. I was very excited to try it out in Vegas. Our group was all sushi lovers (well except one who had to SUFFER through) and we ordered a ton of small plates to share. It was an amazing meal, although I still stick to my guns that Ebizo has some of the best sushi out there. I can't remember all of the names to the menu items, so I will describe them to the best of my knowledge. Except for my drink. That's whiskey. Dangerous. 

Nobu on Urbanspoon
First off. I will be figuring out how to make these peppers. Shishito peppers. Not spicy, lightly fried and amazing. Watch out for a copy cat blog post on this one!

Yellow tail sashimi with jalapeno's. The pieces were quite thin so hard to pick up with chop sticks, but still amazing. 

Oshinko. Picked vegetables. I was heaven. I don't think it went over too well at the table.

Tempura Rock Crab. Anything tempura will always be good.

Chicken skewers for Art who couldn't eat anything else. Poor guy. He was a trooper!

Mini lobster taco's. These were really good. Very tiny and one bite size. A chef with tiny hands must have made these.

Bring on the sushi! The sushi rice was perfectly done and the sushi paper was not some cheap flaky crap. It was really well done. 

There you have it. Add in a 6 hour delay at the airport and a salad from Burger King, a great weekend away!

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