Popcorn Cake

  • Date January 18, 2014
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After making my nephew a birthday cake for his 6th birthday, it only seemed fair that I would make his little brother his cake for his 3rd birthday. If you remember, Jared's cake was full of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Link to recipe here.

Scott is a bit different, he doesn't love chocolate, he's a peanut butter addict like I am, he likes olives, he eats most things....so of course pinterest inspired again, I found a popcorn cake that I thought would be fun to try for his birthday! The cheshire cat like grin in this photo is due to copious amounts of sugar being consumed in the production of this cake.

Given that I am not a "baker" this is more a success for me than it is for the real bakers out there that can laugh at my attempts to make something so easy. Believe me, I had to even borrow baking pans from my parents as I don't own such equipment. My mom still has our original air popper!

I tackled this cake in three steps:

1. Make the popcorn cake
2. Figure out how to shape it in to the number 3
3. Decorate it

Step 1: Popcorn Cake

The recipe below is for one batch. I doubled it and ended up stacking the cake to make it twice as tall. You could choose either.


  • 1/3 cup popcorn seeds (airpopped)
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 3 tbls butter
  • "fillers" - m&m's, raisins, peanuts, reese pieces, whatever you choose!


  • Make your popcorn and set aside
  • Melt your butter and marshmallows over a low heat
  • Add popcorn and gently mix
  • Add your "fillers" and mix until the mixture has coated the popcorn
  • Pour into a greased pan. 
  • You could use a bundt pan if you want one round cake
  • I used two 8' circles as I needed to make the number 3! 
  • Let cool in the fridge and then use a knive to clear the sides away and turn upside down to prepare for decorating

Step 2: Create a Number Cake

The internet is such a great place! I found a website called My Little Party Planner that gave step by step instructions with pictures. How wonderful! The number creation did result in lots of excess popcorn cake which is why we ended up double stacking the cake as I hate to not use all of the ingredients. 

Step 3: Decorate

Of course I didn't make my own icing. I would have to buy a whole cupboard of baking products just to create icing. Buying butter for this recipe was bad enough, I can't believe the price of butter! When did it become so expensive? Also, the icing was only needed to get the m&m's to stick to the top so a thin layer of "glue" was all I needed. After icing, I then stuck those gosh darn M&M's to the top. There are not the same amount of colours in each bag. So many yellow compared to red. Guess that's why you eat the red ones last? 

And there you have it! A lovely birthday cake that took less than an hour to make and hopefully will be a big hit at the party this afternoon!

Have you ever made a popcorn cake? What would you put in the middle as the "fillers"?


Kim said...

That cake is awesome - I'm super impressed!!! I can't bake and my patience for that kind of thing is almost nonexistent.
Happy birthday #3 to your little guy!

Erinn Pinky said...

I am actually getting a massage today. Being tall I find counters too short and putting those m&m's on the cake caused my back to seize up. Mix that with all of my puzzling and boot camps, a massage is deserved!

SuperMom Blues said...

That is awesome! I might have to make one of those for a friend of mine that is gluten-free!