Veggie Balls

  • Date January 05, 2014
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This recipe was created out of the pure desire to use up ingredients in my house before I went on vacation. I wasn't intending it to be a full fledged blog post. Luckily, I always take pictures as sometimes you win on the first try. I needed this win after the last 4 recipes that shall remain nameless were a BUST. The concept? Can I create some sort of veggie meatless ball that I can add to my salad? Could I create something that perhaps I could create in batches, freeze and use on my salad lunches for work? So what is it? Spaghetti squash with veggie ground round and egg whites, rolled in cheerio crumbs or crackers or panko or whatever you want, baked and made crispy. SOLD.


I made two versions of this recipe, playing around with the size of the veggie ball. The first batch I made produced 8 giant golf ball size balls (around 50 calories a ball). The second time I made it, I went with 22 (1 inch balls) around 20 calories a ball.  The entire recipe is around 450 calories, so you choose how many veggie balls you need and go from there!.

  • Cooked spaghetti squash 4 cups
  • Yves veggie ground round 1 cup (I used the chicken, but plain was good as well)
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup cheerios (or 4 wasa light crackers)


  • Cook spaghetti squash (cut in half, remove seeds, place in dish with a little water and cook in microwave)
  • When tender, remove strands with a fork and let cool
  • Drain squash with cheese cloth to remove as much moisture as possible
  • Mix in veggie ground round 
  • Add some salt and pepper or whatever spice you desire
  • Roll balls into desired size  
  • Roll ball into egg white and then coat with crushed cheerios
  • Preheat oven to 400'
  • Cook on parchment paper lined baking sheet for 25 minutes or until crispy
  • Serve and enjoy!

Additional Directions with Pictures:

Cheese cloth. Buy some! I find it at the dollar store for real cheap, that way I can throw out if it gets all gross.....

I find there is nothing more satisfying than scooping out spaghetti squash.......

I love the chicken veggie ground round. It was a great addition to this recipe

Place the spaghetti squash on the cheese cloth

I can usually squeeze out at least a cup or two of water from the squash!

End result is a much firmer more manageable ball of squash

Mix in the ingredients and roll into balls

Here is my dredging station. Egg white, then cracker, panko crumb based something and then right onto parchment lined cookie sheet. 

Ready for the oven!

Crispy and delicious veggie balls fresh out of the oven!


Kristin said...

Hi! Visiting from SITS! These sound great! I love that they're crunchy - I totally miss that sometimes because I don't take the time to go there with healthy ingredients. I love your idea of having these available in the freezer for salads - yum!

Caitlin Dacey said...