Celery Root Mashed "Potatoes"

  • Date February 14, 2014
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The whole roasted celery root excitement had me running back to the store to purchase more!!. To my dismay, I couldn't find a ball the same size as the first time. Heart breaking. Of course I still purchased it though as I wanted to try "mashed potatoes" with this root.

Also, who has 2 hours to wait for the whole head to cook unless its a weekend. So this time I tackled this puppy with the microwave. Following the same instructions as the first time, I peeled and then put in a microwave friendly dish in a little bit of water and cooked for around 10 minutes. Done!

Using my immersion blender, mashed this root up, mixed in some fresh dill and voila! Mashed celery root! Husband friendly version (throw down a giant STEAK and tell him its mashed potatoes).

Random vegetable thought of the day. There are so many ways to cook vegetables that my brain never stops thinking of endless modifications. I suspect that this is not the last time you will see a celery root post. Roasted and now mashed....more options are brewing in my vegetable brain.....

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