Whole Roasted Celery Root

  • Date February 10, 2014
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I have always been intrigued by the ugly brain looking type vegetable in the grocery store. Others would probably just ignore it or walk by. I have stood there many times over the last couple of years looking at it, smelling it, touching it. I finally got the energy to buy it, of course putting it in my cart last so I could confirm the price (kinda like oyster mushrooms where you can spend anywhere from $5 to $25 if you aren't careful). Price came in at $3.20. Sold. Took it home and then stared at it on the counter for at least a week before I decided it was time to tackle this root vegetable. 

Known most commonly as celery root or celeriac this vegetable is similar to most other root vegetables with around 40 calories for 100 grams. That is without the skin, I couldn't imagine eating the skin...... This ugly monster was not going to be easy to convince the husband that we were having it for dinner. My strategy was to plan dinner so that if it turned out this was just an added bonus. Husband sold. Production began. 


There really is only one ingredient to this recipe, celery root. The size of the ball that I used was around 1,000 grams. What was interesting (well at least to me anyways) is that after I peeled, I lost almost half of it!

Overall I was thrilled about the result. A typical food blogger reaction. Jumping for joy, taking pictures, texting my close friends to rave about new recipe, talking (or yelling as Brett says when I get excited) about all of the other recipes I could make with this new found vegetable. This oven roasted beauty sliced cleaner than ham, had a great taste and could be used in so many different ways!

We served ours on salad. As I mentioned earlier, we couldn't risk our whole dinner by making this root ball the main ingredient.  Next time I eat it though it will be centre stage. It will also take up half my plate like most of my vegetables do and it might be sprinkled with some parmesan cheese....oh the endless possibilities.


  • Peel (to the best you can)
  • Cut away big chunks
  • Cut off celery stems
  • Cover with oil and seasoning (tandoori, curry powder)
  • Wrap in tinfoil into a ball
  • Cook at 375' for 2 hours
  • Take out of oven and slice

Directions (With Pictures):

Peel, peel, peel

Cut away larger bits or skin that wouldn't peel

Cut off ends and place on tinfoil

Rub in oil and cover in spices (your choice!)

Wrap into tight ball on cookie sheet

Check after first 1.5 hours

When cooked, a fork will slide right in!

Slice like a ham!

Seriously, delicious!

Because we were having on salad, I sliced into thin strips. 

I also saved some and had some the next day as a "small salad"

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