Good Intentions #11

  • Date March 09, 2014
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I haven't done a good intentions post in awhile. Probably because I haven't been eating out as much. This is by choice, but I am becoming such a food snob that I would much rather eat at home. I love my oatmeal so much that I turn down all breakfast invites. Find me a restaurant that makes fluffy oatmeal with egg whites and blueberries and perhaps I will go for breakfast with you. Oh and find me a restaurant that opens at 6am as that's when I like to eat breakfast. Lunch is always eaten at my desk as I would give up going out for lunch to do bootcamps or yoga any day. And then dinner. How the heck do you have a food blog if you aren't trying to new recipes for dinner? And I LOVE my food. LOVE. So why go out for dinner? My husband has made our house so fantastic that with some great music, mood lighting and a good bottle of wine, it's like we are at a restaurant anyways.

However, there is the social side to eating out and the fantastic people watching and my poor carnivore husband can order whatever red meat he desires!  This week I went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one week, so a post is deserved. For those new readers out there, good intentions is all about my trials and tribulations of trying to eat healthy when going out to eat. Enjoy!

Fireside Grill

Fireside Grill on Urbanspoon

First up is Fireside Grill. Heading out for dinner last night we were choosing between the Keg at Saanich (our go to date night restaurant) or Med Grill in Royal Oak or Fireside Grill. Of course forgetting it was dine around town, everywhere was packed. Managed to get a reservation for 8pm at the Fireside grill and off we went.  Date nights are great for Brett and I as he typically sees me in work clothes or a onsie. Once and while I get to put on something outside of a monkey suite or sweat pants. 

If your going to Fireside, try to get a table upstairs, so great and cozy up there and much quieter than the downstairs open area. And something else we didn't know, after 8pm each night the tapa menu is 3 for $18!

I always forget about the Fireside as an option. They have really improved their menu and the atmosphere was much younger than I remember it being when I was growing up in the neighbourhood. OMG, perhaps I am just fitting in now with the crowd and it really hasn't changed at all. Pause - ran to bathroom to check for grey hairs. Ok, phew, no new ones today. Back to the post. 

First up, standard Pinkerton date night is to order a bottle of wine. Fireside has a great selection and from memory, I recall at least 10 bottles less than $35. Brett and I decided to do a reserve wine from spain for $34. A quick google search on the phone revealed it was a 90 point and a well balanced wine. We were excited about our order until the waiter said "oh, I have never served this before". Uh oh. But we went with it anyways and it was good. Not great, but good. It was very very light bodied and easy to drink. We like our wine a little bolder. My only complaint would be that I like a thin rimmed wine glasses and the glass that Fireside uses were the smaller wider rimmed glasses you typically get in a hotel room. I would suggest when someone orders a bottle of wine they bring out some more appropriate red wine glasses. 

And now my order. I ordered the smoked chicken and quinoa salad. After asking the server a thousand questions about the salad, I confirmed that the quinoa was not tossed in any mayo based dressings and that it was more quinoa than it was was salad. I was satisfied with this answer and asked for a side of prawns as well. For $20 (including the prawn add on), It still seems ridiculous to pay that much for a simple salad, but I won't go off on this rant this time. 

I also like how great photo editing software has become. Picture above didn't do the meal justice, so with a few edits (and a little over exposure), you can get a photo of the meal that looks much better! 

Brett ordered from the dine around menu. He had a lobster bisque (that I found too cold, but he said it was a perfect temperature) and he had duck with some sort of black rice. He said it was really good. No photos as I am lucky just to get photos of my food before he starts to get angry....(he hates the constant food photo taking...) But I didn't manage to get one of the dessert. I have no idea what any of it was and the server didn't explain what any of it was either so we just dug in and tried to figure it out. The two melon balls were not a great addition and would have been better with lychee or a strawberry. Overall date night a success. Fireside back on our go to list. 

Browns Social House

Brown's Social House on Urbanspoon

Can I tell you how much I love the low carb spa bowl at Browns? I don't even look at the menu when I go to Browns. I get this every time. What is a low carb spa bowl? Basically, they have three choices, a chicken, a potato crusted halibut or a braised tuna. It comes with the cowgirl salad (which is a delicious salad with edamame, ginger and other good veggies and then you substitute out the rice with braised cabbage to make it low carb. For around 400 calories, it has got to be one of the most appetizing and delicious lunch orders I can find where I am excited to get it. I also find that they have perfected braised cabbage. Some goat cheese on the cabbage makes it amazing. Seriously. Order this next time you go to browns. Of course, pass on the dressing and use hot sauce instead. 

The Hideaway

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As you been to the Hideaway since they renovated? Menu has been updated and "Kitty" has moved to a new location so you can't call it Kitty's anymore or you will find yourself at the wrong restaurant.  I recommend trying them out for a second chance if you ruled them out in previous visits. We go here all the time as we can easily get a table for 8-10 people and the food is always good. My rule for ordering healthy breakfast is to not even look at the menu and just get "sides" but the menu at the Hideaway actually has "healthy breakfast options". Yes please. This is there poached eggs, cottage cheese, tomatoes and bacon. The bacon was donated to a colleague who gobbled it up before I could get a picture. Looks like a plain breakfast? Well it is. But for less than $10, you can go to work in the morning and not worry about falling asleep under your desk. 

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