Grilled Eggplant

  • Date May 23, 2014
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My taste buds have changed over the years.

Items I used to despise but now love include cilantro, dijon mustard, raw fish, oysters and EGGPLANT! 

Items I used to love but now despise include red meat, cheese slices and creamy dressings. 

Items I have hated and continue to hate include red onions, red onions and red onions. 

Items I have loved and always loved include peanut butter, pickles, eggs and sour dough bread. 

So back to the eggplant conversation. Just like your changing taste buds, perhaps you think you hate eggplant but haven't tried it awhile? One thing about eggplant is that it can get very soft and being a texture person, too soft or mushy means YUCKY. Grilling eggplant in a crusty crust is one of my favorite ways to cook eggplant - try it! 

Here is my method for cooking the perfect grilled eggplant. 

First off, cut your eggplant and you must let it breath and sweat out the bitter part of the eggplant. I sometimes etch a bit with knife (think vampire wrist cutting for blood consumption). I also sprinkle with salt. You will see sweat beads form on the eggplant! Great, now wipe those off with a paper towel. 

Now we go into a simple process of dredge, coat and grill! I like to dredge with egg whites. My coating is usually bread crumbs, panko, rice crumbs with any sort of seasoning you desire. Dip eggplant into egg white, press into coating and place onto grill!

Eggplant ready for the grill!

I use my george foreman grill, you could BBQ as well. Just be careful on cooking times. Once you feel them getting soft, they are done! Leave them too long and mushy. Take them off too earlier and they will be too hard! could this not be a great side to a dish?

I paired this grilled eggplant with kabocha squash and a whole roasted onion. On the side is dijon mustard mixed with horseradish.

Intrigued? Try it! Let me know what you think! Click here for other eggplant recipes once you are hooked on eggplant again!.

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