Not All Vegetables Are The Same

  • Date May 20, 2014
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For this post, I decided to compare the calories per 100 grams of raw vegetables. Of course there are many ways to compare. Taste, nutrition, cost, macros or in most cases - whatever vegetable you can get your kids and husband to eat.

The good news, they are all under 200 calories per 100 grams. That alone is amazing if you can eat vegetables and love them as much as me. And putting it in context, junk food is typically 550 calories per 100 grams. Cheese is 400 per 100 grams. So if you are making the switch from junk food to anything on this list below than you are better off.

As you know my motto is to eat as MUCH as I possibly can. The more portion size the better.
I spend endless hours researching vegetables and different ways to cook them. I might as well share some of the interesting facts I have discovered on my journey!

For example, I LOVE the fact that I can eat twice as much squash compared to a sweet potato or yam. I find the taste no different, so yes please - TWICE as much!

Acorn Squash Fries

Similarly, Turnip vs parnsips. I can't tell the difference in taste at all and can eat almost THREE times as much turnip as parnsip.

Check out this handy infographic that I created below. Were you surprised by any of these? Corn always shocks me. The fact that a potato has more calories than a yam always gets me.  Always learning. Who would have thought? Any vegetables missing?


Ashley Marie said...

This is such an incredible and informative post! I love it, and I am all about eating voluminous meals filled with veggies ;)

Anonymous said...

I love vegetables too but wonder about the nutritional value of different vegetables. Are green vegetables more nutritious than squashes for instance? Love your chart...!

Anonymous said...

A few to consider adding: Swiss chard, spinach, and perhaps a general category for assorted lettuces; radish, fiddleheads... Another info graphic to consider might be the sugar/carb content. Beets, parsnips and carrots have quite a bit, and if you are trying to cut sugar to restore intestinal health, some need to avoid these vegetables for a short while as well. Very nice job.

Anonymous said...

Squash does not taste like sweet potato, the texture is also very different. And if you can't tell the difference between turnip and parsnip, your taste buds must be dead. Parsnips are a lot sweeter and more tender than turnips.