Not Giving Up on the Beach House

  • Date May 10, 2014
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I refuse to give up on the Beach House restaurant. The reviews and urban spoon ranking of this restaurant just don't make sense to me. With a very low 60% rating I am convinced it is a conspiracy with the local Cordova Bay residents giving it low rankings so that nobody else will go there. It is ALWAYS packed. 

How could JJ Morgans, the Jewish Community Centre Cafe or Maude Hunters get a higher rating on urban spoon? Disclaimer - I am not saying these are bad restaurants - but for comparison they all get around 65-70% ratings....

Went there last night to see if my theory was still holding true. Walked in with a window seat reservation and heard the front greeter tell some other poor shmucks that there was a 45 minute wait. Mmmm...a 45 minute wait for a restaurant that only gets a 60% rating? 

We were seated right away and yes, service is a tad slow, but that doesn't bother me as I need service to slow me down anyway and if I'm going out for dinner I don't need to be in and out in 30 minutes. At least at the Beach House you never feel rushed to move on so they can fill your table with more diners.  

I started my evening with a lovely French 75. Such a wonderful drink. It is made differently in most restaurants, the beach house does champagne and gin with a sugar cube. I substituted the sugar cube for a lemon rind....perhaps they will continue this menu alteration as this drink doesn't need the sugar, its good enough on its own!! 

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Dinner was enjoyed by everyone. Husband got fish and chips, ugly stepmother ordered the chicken burger without the bun and I got the cobb salad with of course a few modifications - no bacon, no dressing and I substituted the blue cheese for goat cheese. The salad was really good and full of delicious protein (hard boiled egg, avocado and chicken) that I much needed before my 18km run Saturday am. However, the French 75's and red wine didn't help that run.......gulp.... 

Thank you for giving me a WHOLE hard boiled egg and not just half. And thank you for giving me a real size portion of chicken and avocado. Meeting my expectations of a giant salad are hard and this salad is worth every bite. 

What didn't meet my expectations was relying on someone else to take a good photo. This was taken by my faithful husband who has anxiety about taking photos in restaurants so he jumped up as quick as he could and quickly snapped a picture. You can imagine my dismay when I saw the results, but the sweat on his brow indicated to me that I dare not ask for a retake. Especially after making the table wait to eat while I took pictures of my food. 

As you can see....after the photo anxiety I didn't dare ask to get a picture of the dessert before he started eating it. However, I can tell you that this key lime pie is the best. We get it every time we go to the Beach house. When the fork was finally passed over to me to try a bite, I snapped the quickest photo I could and then shoved as much onto my fork as I could to not get in trouble for taking "2 bites"....

There you have it. You can love or hate this restaurant, but I appreciate having a 2 hour dinner. I have never been disappointed and I am extremely hard to please. Keep those ratings low so I can continue to enjoy this restaurant!

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