Turnip Fries

  • Date June 17, 2014
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I constantly have people telling me that I am "lucky" I can cook the food I do because they could never get their husbands or kids to eat such healthy food all of the time. I do agree, that I am very blessed that my husband has finally given in and pretends to be as excited about grilled eggplant and roasted garlic scapes. But it took time. I use word associations with him as one attempt to mask healthy food. Call anything a "fry" and I guarantee you can get your significant others and the picky eaters to jump right in. After such huge success with the acorn squash fries, I wanted to remind everyone that you can turn most root vegetables into fries. 

Did I mention how much I like turnips lately? Did you remember to look at my infogram to remind yourself that turnips are the way healthier version to the parsnip or gasp those gosh darn sweet potatoes or yams? Purple top turnips are my favorite and are always sold in large quantities in Asian grocery stores!

Don't be scared to try different techniques for your fries. I oven roast by simply cutting into fry shape and cooking at 400' for around 30-35 minutes. For these turnips it was way to hot that day to turn the oven on so I can simply fried up in a non stick cook pan until they were crispy. Of course these are never going to be crispy like a deep fryer, but healthy sometimes means you don't get a twice deep fried truffle oil french fry. Sprinkle with whatever seasoning you want. I used curry powder on this batch! 

And of course, you said you can't have fries on a salad? See those roasted jalapeno's and kabocha on there?  Salad a day keeps the love handles away!

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Autumn said...

Love LOVE LOVE the turnip fries! I am eating some right now...actually took the time to stop munching on them to run to the computer to say thanks for this great idea! Delicious!