Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

  • Date July 14, 2014
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I haven't done a "good intentions" post in awhile! If you don't know, my good intentions posts are all about making healthy choices when travelling or eating at restaurants. I like to show how I can alter my ordering at restaurants to make healthy choices. Success rate is not always great, but writing the post the next day is always fun for me.

Let us run through my saturday as an example.....It started off with a glorious 17km run at 6am in the morning. I haven't run by myself in awhile and it was nice to crank up the tunes and enjoy my hour and a bit with my own thoughts.  I did the interurban trail out to durrance lake. This is a hidden gem that is always empty except for the sheep, rabbits, horses and chickens you see along the way!

Come home, shower, make GIANT bowl of egg white oatmeal, this time with pumpkin puree, cranberries, blueberries, cocoa and some yogurt. Of course post the photo to instagram and then head out to run errands and enjoy the day.

Pick up out of town friend from her mom's house. Devour all vegetables and raspberries I can in the garden and then head out for some lunch. Half a mushroom/cheese pizza with "garden greens". It was very good. This is a go to meal at Spinnakers and I am never disappointed. Although...if I had to make one suggestions, a splash of fresh fruit in the salad would be a welcomed addition - a blueberry or two? I strawberry. Something to give it some color!

Take selfies while we wait for our food. When you have been friends with someone for 20+ years, you get pretty good at taking selfies! :)

Eye up table next to ours as we watch a woman devour the entire plate of nachos. She paired it with a milkshake and some fries. She did well. 

Treat our husbands to an afternoon matinee. We watched the new movie "Chef". It was very good and of course all about food. I inhaled an apple in the theatre and of course some popcorn.


Afternoon matinees are the bomb. Not only is the theater empty, but you get out in time to still have a great evening ahead of you!

Marina Restaurant on UrbanspoonAfter the movie, we went to the Marina Restaurant for dinner. My research before we went showed me that I had endless fish options as well as a sushi menu to choose from. However, when we got there, the server indicated that they don't normally like to integrate the sushi menu with the main "dining", we didn't push it further, but if we had I'm sure I could have sushi if I had wanted. There was tuna tataki on the main menu though, so sushi craving satisfied through an appetizer. 


I proceeded to guzzle water out of the tiny water glasses like there is no tomorrow. After that long run and walking around all day and avoiding liquids in the movie theatre as the washroom is 4 floors down in the basement I was starting to cramp up and needed water. I told the "water boy" - sorry, but he didn't look like he had any other duties so that is what I am calling him - that I was going to need constant refills. He told me that it was a-ok and that a man the other night drank 12 glasses and he would be amazed if I could beat that record. I was on glass 4 and made it to glass 6, but even this camel couldn't reach 12!!!

Back to the food. We had tuna tataki and oysters for an appetizer. Of course it was delicious, it is fresh caught fish served from boat to my plate. A tad on the pricey side but I'm not wasting my blogging page to start talking about value for money. I knew the prices before we went and I knew that this was not going to be american size servings. 

My friend had the scallops as an appetizer. I was intrigued by the peas on the plate and she said the jam chutney was delicious.

Main course! I had greycod that was grilled. I asked for no rice and extra vegetables. Ok, I know I just said I wasn't going to rant about value for money, but the server made extra effort to show me how they had added more vegetables to my plate. HA. Do they know who they are dealing with? This amount of vegetables is what I consume while I am prepping my massive bowls of vegetables. So maybe I will complain a bit that upscale, pricey and fancy doesn't always have to mean no food! Thank god the bread bowl was still half full as I had to dig into that to fill up my belly. The food itself was amazing, just not the best move to take a hungry runner to a restaurant with small portion sizes. :) 

My friend had the halibut cheeks and substituted fries. Of course, my long arms allowed me to reach across the table to consume a large portion of these fries as well. 

I actually don't remember what my husband ordered or if he liked it or not, but as usual, he went red meat. The lack of red meat served in our house means he is always ordering it when we go out for dinner.

Overall, view amazing, service amazing, food amazing. I had a great time and had to do what all runners do after a smaller meal, hit up the cupboards at home and create a giant bowl of trail mix using whatever you can find :) I do want to go back and sit in the sushi section and try the sushi one day.

Heading to saltspring island next weekend with my father-in-law from Toronto, stay tuned for a good intentions about the day on saltspring! Any restaurant recommendations?

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