50 Calorie BBQ Skewers

  • Date August 05, 2014
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No turning the oven in my house these days. This leaves me with pan fried vegetables or the BBQ. Obviously, the closer to "roasted" I can get, I shall do. These BBQ skewers are super easy to make and such a great way to pre-make food if you are having friends over for dinner. The added key ingredient for me is the brussel sprouts! They are so delicious on the bbq. 

Some tricks to skewers is to pre-soak them in water so they don't break off when you cook them.

In these skewers I used Mushrooms, Pineapple, Peppers, Onion, Brussel Sprouts and then sprayed with some pam and sprinkled with my newest truffle salt. We cooked for around 5 minutes turning once.

The other trick to skewers is to factor in the different cook time of different vegetables. Brussel sprouts are going to take way longer than mushrooms. So I precooked the brussel sprouts for about 4 minutes in the microwave. That way I also avoided jabbing myself in the finger trying to skewer those hard little $*#($(#. 

Served with some of Brett's famous "Bashed BBQ Chicken" and some pretzels....omg it was amazing. 

Of course that photo was more for show.....I turned mine into a giant salad.

If good looking food doesn't make you happy then what does? These colourful skewers of deliciousness make me very happy. 

What would you put on your skewers? If you have kids has anyone tried a "make your own skewer night"?

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