Running on Oats & Salads

  • Date August 15, 2014
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The setting: Mini-road trip to seattle

The players: Husband, brother & sister-in-law

The goals: Them - gamble, drink, watch baseball. Me - search for different food products in the US, find vegetables, find run routes and random yoga.

Side bar - before we left for Seattle we did a little mini-vacation in our home town as Bev has never been to Victoria. I planned a small fishing excursion only to find out that she gets just as sea sick as Brett. Oops. Sorry Bev!

Can I just say how great once more overnight oats are for travelling. A couple of groans from my fishing guide/friend/colleague, but deep down I know that everyone on the boat was jealous. Bev unfortunately was sea sick so she couldn't eat her overnight oats. This came in handy as I ended up devouring hers at 3am the next day before my run.

Headed to the keg for dinner. I am aware there are thousands of restaurant choices in Victoria, but we were tired from fishing and had to hit a comedy show for a 9pm start time. Sometimes reliable and ol'faithful is easier than trying something new. Got the early bird reservation time downtown and headed down for a simple dinner pre comedy club!

I ordered the teriyaki chicken with side of vegetables and extra side of asparagus. For $3 for a side, I'm sold. It was unfortunate though as the vegetables were pretty much lukewarm. I am not sure I can even say warm, more so than just not cold. Heated them up with so much tabasco sauce that this specific first world problem was fixed in a jiffy.

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar on Urbanspoon

Headed out the next day for our road trip to Seattle! Of course, first stop a ferry to get off this darn island. I had the shrimp salad with mustard as my dressing. I have a mustard addiction. Having worked for BC Ferries in a past life, I can say with honesty that their food is better than some restaurants. They make their own salads and have a great test kitchen where they are always trying to find new healthy ideas for serving us island captives who frequent the ferry often. I just wished BC Ferries would stock hot sauce in packets as we all need hot sauce don't we? Also, ditch those red onions. Those killers are heart burn circles of death.

Made it across the border and stopped at Tulalip for outlet malls and gambling for the night. This was my first and last time in Tulalip. Boring boring boring. Outlet mall full of crappy items and not even good deals. I am an online shopper and can find anything for a better price online. Not to mention the sizes are slim pickings and just blah! Casino. Smoky and boring. Kill me now. So we headed out for dinner so the boys could watch game 1 of the series.

We ended up at Ram Restaurant mainly because options were limited and we needed a big screen for the baseball game. I knew immediately I would be ordering the Hippie Chick salad. It was made for me. Side of hot sauce and it was GREAT. Brett ordered deep fried pickles to start. I can tell my body is slowly changing what it craves as the older version of me would have devoured the whole plate and now I looked at it and was not interested at all!

Ram Restaurant & Brewery on Urbanspoon

After a very poor sleep (due to snore monster #1 and snore monster #2) -  I made some delicious breakfast - egg white oatmeal in my room with added syrup and granola from the free holiday inn breakfast bar. Delicious. I would take my oatmeal with me anywhere in the world!

Quietly taking selfies of myself in the bathroom mirror as I make random noises hoping to wake up the snore monsters. Granted it was 6am so I am not really being fair to those that didn't go to bed at 10pm.

Finally got everyone moving and we started our drive into Seattle. We drove for less than 5 minutes and we were already stopped for a beer break. Lunch order fail. When I ordered the side of chicken and prawns, he thought I meant "side salad" as well. Say what, no I want the family size version please. Thank god for apples and quest bars stocked up in my purse! No reference to where we were as I really don't remember and won't be going back! Just a tiny salad that was meant for someone without an appetite. Perhaps someone who ordered a large pizza and wanted a small vegetable on the side.

But don't worry, dinner made up for lunch! Whole Foods salad buffet baby! Seriously. Love. I added everything I could find into this salad. For $14, I would pay that everyday. Included in my salad was feta cheese, artichokes, sweet potatoes, roasted garlic, spinach, arugula, beets, carrots, spicy "sticks", chick peas, tofu, black beans, tuna, chicken, cabbage, craisins - I"m sure I forgot some, but I was in heaven.

Whole Foods Market on Urbanspoon

Breakfast -egg white oatmeal again. A requirement when you are on a different sleep schedule than your travel partners. I love running in the AM when on vacation. I get to see parts of new cities that you can't find walking around. Running takes you further! In Seattle I did a quick 11km loop around lake union and found some wonderful modern float homes that I drooled over. When I got back from run I grabbed coffee for the family and then had my oatmeal as runners hunger needs fuelling immediately after a run. This was all achieved before 7am.

The success of whole foods the night before resulted in lunch the next day. Winning! seriously best option for travelling. Everyone can find something they like and its ready when you are!

Next day we headed back to the border and after a painful stop at the lululemon outlet (all crap). Please note I was parked when I took this photo, but as you can tell I "might" have had a little bit more energy than these three on the last day. Just a tad......

Panera Bread on Urbanspoon
Lunch for me (breakfast for them) - we went to Panera bakery - my first time there. I had the thai chicken salad (full size of course) with dressing on the side. Your salad comes with either french bread, chips or an apple. I don't think you need to ask what I got. I did however, come up with a great idea to dip my apple into the side of peanut sauce that came with the salad rather than put it on the salad. Winning!

Another fun vacation. Time to go wash my hair for the week and roast up a whole kabocha and devour it while I watch trash tv.


Carrie said...

Whole Foods salad buffet! Great tip! Will look for that next time I am away. Had no idea they had that :D

Autumn said...

Oh yeah...whole foods buffet is soooooo good!!!

Erin - have you ever had your oatmeal seized at the airport? I was soooo bummed (YOU would understand!) as I had made some delicious steel cut oats when I was traveling for work a couple of weeks ago. I had enough for a couple of days of breakfast....and it was all taken away by security as it is a 'gel'. Crazy! I have traveled many times with oatmeal before and never had anyone bat an eye. Luckily the wonderful Kicking Horse coffee shop in Invermere had great mason jar black bean salads that I was able to grab for a healthy breakfast. Phew!

Erinn Pinky said...

Autumn - the smaller the airport, the higher risk I find of getting my overnight oats taken away. I have had it happen once but I was early enough to be able to exit the security check, devour it and then go back through. I have had more success with coffee cups (to go cups) to old the oats than a mason jar. Those are riskier!