Spicy Roasted Lentils

  • Date September 15, 2014
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Love em or hate em. Its a mixed bag of emotions with those darn lentils. They are so freaking good in soups and stews .  I really wanted another option to eat my lentils. Roasted? Spicy? Anything that comes close to tasting like trail mix or bits and bites, yes please.


Cook green lentils according to the package. But don't cook all of the way, leave them so they are still a little underdone. Preheat oven to 400'. Mix lentils in a bowl with some sesame oil and spices. I used curry, paprika and salt and pepper. I also threw in some garlic scapes as I had some handy. Roast in the oven until crispy! Mine took around 25 minutes.

Toss around - I used parchment paper, but I think my pampered chef pan would have done the trick as well.

I ended up eating most of them just like candy, but I managed to save enough to add to my salad for lunch as well!. 

If you eat as many salads as I do, you will crave and beg for new salad ideas! Therefore, try some spicy roasted lentils!

Come on, you have to admit, lentils on salad is starting to look more appealing.

Will you try these? Have I convinced you yet?

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B.B said...

Great idea!! Just did some awesome tasting oven-roasted chickpeas. Seasoned them with a lil bit of cold pressed olive oil, unsalted curry Madras and 1tsp of tomato paste. They aren't supposed to be super crunchy just like roast chestnuts. Now I'm curious to try your lentils they look awesome, I'll let you know!