How to Spend Christmas in Vegas

  • Date December 29, 2014
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Tip 1 - Get a Free Room

Book a free hotel room courtesy of Total Rewards. Get to your room and discover free gifts. Included in this box was gingerbread covered almonds. They didn't make it the night. Actually none of the food made it past the first night. 

Tip 2: Get that Free Room Upgraded

Don't underestimate the importance of a separate living room and bathroom. Sleep times are wonky in vegas. Bathroom visits can be scary. Space is key. Don't forget to send a thank you text to your father in law who upgraded your room and left you two of your favorite wines to enjoy. Note, these also didn't make it past night one. 

Tip 3: Ditch the Kids

Make sure you don't invite anyone with kids. Nobody can leave their kids at christmas. Remember, your husbands are going to turn into many kids do you want at christmas? 

Tip 4: Pack Tylenol

Be ready to enjoy a beverage or four. You are in vegas after all. 

Tip 5: Not Everything Goes in Vegas

Do not place your drink on the table. Surprised I even got a photo before the yelling started. 

Tip 6: Don't play with Fire

Do not ever think that fireball is worth it just because its only $15 for a big bottle. 

Tip 7: Don't be a total Grinch

Do something that looks and smells like christmas. That way noone can say you have no heart. No grinch here.....note, this tree was made of fruit....this is a food blog after all. 

Tip 8: Eat where your show is. 

Ocean One Bar & Grille on UrbanspoonNothing is close in vegas. Right next door in vegas takes 2 hours to get to. So find your location and then go eat! Heading off to Britney Spears (review of concert is summed up with one phrase "Someone peaked in High School"). We got to Planet Hollywood to avoid being late and wandered around till we found this pub. I ordered their salad with chicken and the seared tuna to start. Salad was average. Average because it was so small I could have eaten three of them. Tuna was good. The seaweed salad underneath was a pleasant surprise.

Then I got to eat this off Brett's plate. 

Tip 9: People Watching Makes Everything Taste Better

The Cheesecake Factory on UrbanspoonFind a place where people watching is available. Its not all about the food, that is just for energy at some points....the people watching is priceless. Giant vegetable salad. This is what it was called. Said it was FULL of vegetables. I added chicken...ummmm..ok, it was pretty tasty, but when you say FULL of vegetables, I shouldn't have to dig for them. Nevertheless it was the best sized salad I have seen in awhile. Paired with a bottle of champagne and people watching was great. Did I mention they have a skinnylicious menu? I SHOUTED with joy! Who doesn't want to order off something that will make you skinnylicious? 

Couldn't nibble off of Brett's plate as he got steak.......sometimes I think he orders just so I can't grab off his plate. 

But I could nibble off of Brodie's plate and he is way too polite to ever tell me to pack sand. 

Bev got the beet salad with a side of salmon. I waited patiently for her to place her knife and fork down before I devoured her leftovers as well. Her salad was really good as well and came off the "skinnylicious menu". 

Tip 10: Find the Happy Hours

Sushi Roku on Urbanspoon

I found this place online before we left and it got great reviews for the happy hour. Cheap rolls and beer and other goodies. The regular priced menu was far above my price limit for sushi....Sitting at the bar enjoying a nice cold beer, this was a great meal! 

The peppers and miso glazed eggplant were AMAZING. I will be doing a miso glazed eggplant for the blog in 2015!

Tuna Avocado Roll and the Salmon, Tuna and Jalapeno roll. Both delicious. 

Denny's on Urbanspoon

Tip 11: Don't underestimate chain restaurants

Chain restaurants are not always horrible. For one thing, they have studied inventory management and they know how to turn over tables. Who can wait for an hour when you are STARVING? Head over to Denny's where you will be in and out before you can even look at your watch!

I got a broccoli egg white scramble. I loved it. Seriously. Broccoli for breakfast made me very happy. They also had a healthy start menu, located after the 50+ menu and before the kids menu. Why do the 50+ get a separate menu? Where is the section on the menu for whiskey loving runners? 

Tip 12: Be the Ignorant Traveller

When they call out "Eric -Table for 4" and nobody shows up, walk up and say your Eric.  

Hash House a Go Go on UrbanspoonI have now been here three times. I haven't actually eaten here because I usually get up earlier than the others and eat breakfast so by the time we get to their breakfast it is my lunch. For Hash House, I know how large the portion sizes are so I just eat off everyone elses plates! It is tons of fun and whatever you order it always creates a conversation! Portion sizes larger than texas and most of the people eating here are similar sized. 

We still aren't sure what Brodie ordered but man he was disappointed as he thought he ordered an Eggs Benedict. Again, there is nothing normal about this restaurant so read your order carefully. Just know that most everything comes with about 4 cups of mashed potatoes and a giant biscuit.  Everything is giant. The plates are giant. Except the cups of coffee. They need to be supersized as refills take too long given how busy the place is. 

Bev got some toast, eggs, bacon and potatoes. This is actually the most normal meal I have seen. Except we are confused why it only came with 1 piece of bacon. Surprising given the other meals come with everything in excess? 

But not Brett. He got the chicken fried steak with scrambled eggs, a biscuit and mashed potatoes. Paired with a gallon of spicy chipolte sauce and a few fresh sprigs of spinach make this mountain of a meal quite a challenge. 

Tip 13: Research before you go

Yard House on UrbanspoonI have been to the Yard House in Palm Springs before so I wanted to try it in vegas as well. The best meal of the trip by far.Very rarely do I get order envy by anyone. Normally its just a unison roll of the eyes when I order. Oh there she goes again ordering a lame old salad. Oh there she goes modifying the meal into boring vegetables.....But in this case, I WON. I got order envy from everyone else. 

The menu calls it a "spicy tuna roll", but my internet research told me it was WAY more than that. And it was. Edamame, cucumber, seared rare ahi and avocado. This was DELICIOUS. I want it again. NOW. 

I will show no other pictures of the other orders as it doesn't matter. This was amazing. Its all you need to see.  

I paired mine with a strong stout from quebec. I am into strong stouts right now. Of course red wine and whiskey are up there as well, but a nice strong stout is on my list of go to's. 

Tip 14: Nothing good can come from street meat

Brett walked into a shoe store where I was trying on runners holding this. I burst out laughing and stole the 2 spicy beans from the top before he shared with Bev and Brodie. 

Tip 15: Eating from a convenience store is ok....

I am talking about pre packaged salads from the Wallgreens on the strip. This salad was VERY good and for $5.95 it makes up for some of the more expensive food you get charged at the restaurants.  I later bought two of these for the plane trip home with some hard boiled eggs. Lady next to me on the plane asked if I was eating my husbands lunch as he was "sleeping"....I didn't want to tell her it was all for me.....and also had to explain that he would never ever eat a pre packaged salad on a plane. Ever. 

Tip 16: Pack your own Protein

Its hard to tell if your full or not when you are walking around all day and consuming drinks. So when you wake up in the middle of the night hungry, grab your blow dryer, heat up your quest bar and eat this cookies and cream protein treat. 

Tip 17: You can always find oatmeal

Thanks to Brandi at my work, I tried my first ever starbucks oatmeal. I was presently surprised. Of course it does not compete with my oatmeal in size or flavor, but it was a good handy go to after my one and only run of the trip.

Tip 18: Find the gym

Then make up an excuse for why you can't use it.  I did run once but lost all desire to work out in the gym. That is what I can do when I am back home and in my routine. 

Tip 19: Walk away when you win

When you play your last two dollars before going to bed you walk away with it and wake up with it! 

Tip 20: Always take the Monday off work

And don't leave the couch for the whole day. Just finished Season 1 of Downton Abby. I'm officially addicted. 

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Paula Smith said...

Okay, I'm willing to give Vegas another chance soley based on that amazing tuna, edamame salad. Will take a pass on Britney Spears though:)