BBQ Season

  • Date May 27, 2015
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Its BBQ season! Needs some inspiration? I created a handy link to all of my favorite BBQ recipes! From salads, to skewers to grilled cabbage steaks, lots of interesting options to break up the routine of steak, hamburgers and hot dogs.

Ps, I'm still here. Still creating recipes and enjoying my vegetables. I just haven't had as much time to post so the recipes are not being produced at break neck speed like last year. That's ok though as there are many oldies you can repeat or try for the first time.

The link above has all of my favorites, but here a few for inspiration as you ask yourself what should we BBQ tonight or what should I take to that party next week! Enjoy!

Ever want to know how to create perfect chicken without drying it out? My Bashed BBQ Chicken recipe ensures delicious chicken every time. 

Grill romaine lettuce leaves or an artichoke on the bbq and create an amazing salad! This Roasted Caesar Salad recipe is one that I need to make more often. So delicious and I have been dying to try with grilled sardines instead of chicken. 

Salmon. Its a staple. We live on West Coast after all. Dry salmon? Yuck! Here is our BBQ friendly version of salmon using corn syrup and miso must try it! Miso Glazed Salmon

And don't forget the salads! This Jicama Watermelon Salad is such a great party pleaser and you don't have to worry about your salad leaves wilting in the heat! 

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