Pumpkin Cranberry Oatmeal

  • Date July 29, 2015
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Confessional time. I have been secretly hoarding pumpkin recipes. I am addicted to canned pumpkin right now and have yet to share how I have been using it. It is my new favorite to add to my egg white oatmeal and also makes a wonderful overnight oats!

Why canned pumpkin?  I could be all health like and talk about the fibre, protein, vitamins, and lowering blood pressure  yada yada yada. But seriously, I like the color, I like the texture, I like that it is low calorie and filling.  It also makes my oatmeal taste amazing and reminds me of pumpkin pie. A win all around. Since vets tell their pet owners to feed it to dogs to lose weight this also means you can find canned pumpkin in bulk (and sometimes right in the pet food aisle - no joke!).

Where do I buy this canned pumpkin? The most consistent stores are Walmart and Great Canadian Wholesale. The health food stores all carry it as well but it is expensive! And finally, do not make the mistake of buying Pumpkin Pie in a can. That is NOT the same as 100% pure pumpkin. How can you tell? Well a can of pumpkin should have no sugar and be around 50 calories or less for 1/2 cup.

What is on top of my oatmeal? I have been mixing 1/3 cup of vanilla yogurt with 1 tbls of PB2 to make peanut butter yogurt. Try it! Try it now!

This recipe packs 19 grams of protein and less than 350 calories. If you are hungry before noon I would be shocked! Challenge has been put out there!

I am this happy everyday I eat this pumpkin cranberry oatmeal. 

Oh, one more, where do you buy frozen cranberries?  Walmart always carries them in their freezer section. Or stock up around Easter and Thanksgiving when they go on sale! 

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